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 31 Step Financial Fitness Boot Camp Course

31 Step Financial Fitness Boot Camp Course This course consists of 31 daily emails designed to get participants in shape financially. If taken, you will come through the Boot Camp with less debt, more money saved, an increased desire to keep on track, knowledge of how to increase income, and more financially fit. Current price $9.99.

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The One Year Week-by-Week Family Emergency Plan Email Course

The One Year Week-by-Week Family Emergency Plan

It is crucial for peace of mind and financial stability to be ready for natural disasters, economic downturns, or emergencies. For 52 weeks you will receive an email with a list of items for you to purchase that week. By following this plan, at the end of the year you will have a one year supply of food storage, a 72 hour kit, a personal hygiene kit, a car emergency kit, and daily necessities to last for months. Current Price: $4.47

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Anita’s Secret Couponing System Video Training
Learn How to Save $45.00 in 35 Minutes of Grocery Preparation

Learn How to Save $45.00 in 35 Minutes of Grocery Preparation

Want to save over $45.00 in 35 minutes of preparation each time you go grocery shopping? I will show you how in my exclusive planning video. I have streamlined couponing, discount shopping, meal planning, and other ways to save which saves me thousands every year! I reveal all of my efficiency secrets and simple ways to feed my family for less. If you are in charge of the grocery shopping, you do NOT want to miss this. Current Price: $7.79

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Championing Motherhood Community
Yearly Membership

Championing Motherhood Community The Championing Motherhood Community is a yearly membership for mothers who want to build and maintain a secure financial foundation for themselves and their children. What’s included? Helpful forums, personal financial guidance from Karen and Anita, the 31 Step Financial Fitness Boot Camp Course, The One Year Week-by-Week Family Preparedness Plan, The Learn How to Save $45.00 in 35 Minutes of Grocery Preparation training, a financial Tip of the Month, and more.  Current Price: $14.99 a Year

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Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom
How to Build a Secure Financial Foundation for You and Your Children

Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom Author Karen Jensen & I know just how tough it can be living on a middle class income in this economy. And with the rising costs of living, stretching the paycheck seems to be getting harder and harder. “Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom,” outlines clear, simple, and effective strategies that make financial management easier for moms. Current Price $5.99

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3 Responses to Products I Recommend

  1. Joan says:

    I have been so impressed and blessed by your posts and book. The honest forthright information that you share has been valuable and I am Planning my days better as a result. I am much more conscious of every penny that is spent and how I utilize my food. I must live very frugally as my income centers around a modest amount that cover essentials of rent, food, utilities, etc. each month. Because of some of the things you have written I am ever so much more careful to make a point to watch what is in my fridge and plan how to use it so things are not wasted. Already there has been a bit more money at the end of the month. Not a lot by most people’s standards, but even a few dollars is encouraging to me right now. It’s great to feel like I am more in control of things by making a budget, too.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful sharing and writing you do. Maybe in a few months I will have even more financial freedom by using your tips and plans.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Thank you Joan. This comment made my day!! I’m so glad that you’ve been seeing progress in your financial life. A lot of that is due to you! Your implementing, your discipline. Thanks again for your kind comment. I wish you the best!!

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