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One Year Week-by-Week Family Emergency Course

The One Year Week-by-Week Family Emergency Plan It is crucial for peace of mind and financial stability to be ready for natural disasters, economic downturns, or emergencies. If you want to put food and supplies aside for such a time but are just too busy or can’t afford it all at once, don’t worry.This course will make getting your family prepared for emergencies easy on you.For 52 weeks you will receive an email with a list of items for you to purchase that week. The list will consist of nonperishable foods, personal hygiene items, daily necessities, and emergency preparedness items. It is broken up into 52 weeks to make it affordable and easy to accomplish.By following this plan, at the end of the year you will have a one year supply of food storage, a 72 hour kit, a personal hygiene kit, a car emergency kit, and daily necessities to last for months.

This is what one mother said of her experience with the 52 week course:

“About 8 years ago my husband and I felt that we needed to build up an emergency food storage for our then small family. Every week we would buy what was on the list and by the end of the year we had a full year of food and other things stored up. We were never sure if we would need to use it but then about 6 years ago the economy plummeted and with it started a roller coaster of jobs for us. The only thing that saved us was that we had this supply already. We were able to sustain our family on nearly half of our income all because we had our emergency supply. I am not sure how else we would have survived and gotten through those rough years. We learned how to live within our means and always had our needs taken care of. Nobody can ever be sure of when a disaster may come and being prepared can truly make all the difference.” -Maile

Countless people, including myself, could vouch for the fact that having food storage and emergency supplies on hand has saved their family in tough circumstances. It can seem a little daunting to acquire everything that may be needed. That is why this course is so great! It is broken up into 52 weeks to make it affordable and easy to accomplish.

To get started on the The One Year Week-by-Week Family Emergency Plan click to order for $4.47 here:

The One Year Week-by-Week Family Emergency Plan


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