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  1. Stevie Phillips says:

    Hi Anita,

    You’re so good a what you do! 🙂 I’ve read your posts numerous times and today realized that I was back on your site again! I’m interested about blogging as you do and was wondering if you could share your expertise or just the basics on how to get started. I’m so very interested in doing something like this along with counseling mentally ill adults (my full time job)! Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind Regards,
    Stevie Phillips

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Stevie- Thanks so much for the compliment, I really appreciate it! I’d recommend reading this book (I found it immensely helpful and couldn’t really say it all as well as Ruth does). Then check back or shoot me an email if you have other specific questions!

  2. Dian says:

    I am very interested in your “peanut” baby shower invitation PSD file. Unfortunately there seems to be an issue when I try to contact you through email. Are you still willing to share the PSD? If so please let me know what you need from me! It is too cute!!

    Cute, Cute idea!!

    • Anita Fowler says:

      I’m so so sorry! My contact me email wasn’t working for a month or so. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will have it fixed. I will email them to you!

  3. Becky Hoffman says:

    I recently found your how to graduate from college at 20 with no debt and I was wondering where you found most of the scholarships that you applied for?

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Becky- The main one was a state Centennial program that awarded high school students who got their associates before graduating high school (which I fell one credit short of). BUT I believe other states may have something similar. The smaller scholarship that I got was through the university I was going to attend’s leadership program.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Anita,
    I was reading your article about beginner couponers and noticed that you recycle your expired coupons. Did you know that you can send your exoired coupons to military families to help them save. They can you these coupons up to 6 months after they expire. You can find all the information on their Facebook page. Expired Coupons for Military Families. It is a great way to pay it forward.


  5. KEA says:

    I’ve been on the pill for about five months now and i don’t think I’ve ever missed a day, I’m pretty good about it but I don’t always take it at the exact same time. I’ve been having cravings, been really tired, urinating a lot, super thirsty, emotional, had bloating feelings and gas, then almost a gurgle/butterfly feeling in my stomach. Four days before my period (Sunday) I started getting a super light bleeding that only was noticed when I wipe. It’s been the same color bright red and almost watery like it’s missed with mucus. It’s now Thursday when I’m supposed to get my period and I’m getting cramps like I usually do before my period. I know my body could just be having an odd cycle and the stress could be adding to it, but something just doesn’t feel right at all. It’s nothing like my usual period and all of the other symptoms I’ve had make me think it could be something else. I know you’re not a doctor and the only way to truly tell is to take a test but could you just give me your opinion on me being pregnant?

  6. Michael B Petersen says:

    This site is amazing and has great ideas for anyone who wants improvement at home or at work. also enjoy the music and writing idea’s thanks for the reboot!

  7. Chelsea Begay says:

    Hello! I discovered your blog on Pinterest! I’m full blooded Navajo but I don’t live on the rez… hehe! I actually live all the way on the East Coast. So reading your blog is very refreshing! Keep posting!! 🙂

  8. Hilary Jackson says:

    Hi Anita, oh my goodness, this challenge is incredible, we are on day 9 and already I have started saving money and had so many ‘oh heavens’ that’s where my money is going, moments, absolutely incredible. I am recently divorced and really have to look at every penny, this challenge is helping me in every aspect. I look forward to every days challenge with anticipation, as I get so excited about saving money. Thank you for making this challenge so much fun. Kind Regards Hilary Jackson (United Kingdom)

  9. Emyle Prata says:

    Hi Anita! I just wanted to tell you I love your blog SO MUCH! I’ve been reading it for over a year now, and can’t get enough!

    I wanted to nominate you for the Lovely Blog award. The instructions are here:

    Keep on writing, hun!

  10. Kathy Dettloff says:

    Hi Anita,
    I just found you on Pinterest !!
    I LOVE the Baby Shower Idea’s and am planning to use the “Little Peanut” theme for my daughter first baby 🙂

    However, was wondering if you could send me file for invites and how to make diaper wreath, cake and silouettes.

    Thank you so so much

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Thanks Kathy- Did you not download the free printables? They have everything I have. There should be an elephant and invites in the free download on that post. Best!

  11. zainab says:


    Hope you are doing great well.

    I am looking for some advertising opportunities and impressed with the quality of your blog I was wondering if you allow Sponsored Posts and In-Content Text Link ad placement on your blog. Can you please let me know with the price you charge for per post and In-Content link placement?

    Looking for your kind reply.

    Best Regards,

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