Pot o' Gold Treasure Hunt for Kids

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I come from a long line of Irish ancestors. There is common Irish saying that goes like this: 'A Pound of Pluck is Worth a Ton of Luck'. Pluck means courage, bravery, and determination. I was thinking of a fun activity to do for kids based on this saying and came up with this 'Pot o' Gold Treasure Hunt for Kids'.

What you could do is fill a little pot (found here) or at craft stores with pennies or candy. Print out or draw or buy four leaf clovers.


Next, write on each clover a task that your kid(s) will need to do in order to move to the next clover. They will have to show determination (pluck) in completing their tasks in order to reach their Pot o' Gold (or ton of Luck).

A few ideas for little tasks for your kids to do in order to find their Pot o' Gold would be:


Make their bed.

Find 5 colored things (colors of the rainbow) and put them in their correct spot.

Do a kind deed for a brother or sister or parent.

Take care of a pet (if applicable).

Read a page from a book.

Depending on their age they could help dust, or vacuum, fold laundry etc.

Make someone smile.

Draw a clover.

Write their grandparents a card/letter.

Once they are done with their tasks you could have them follow four leaf clovers or pennies to their Pot o' Gold.


This would also be a perfect time to remind your children that they need to save a portion of their money in their savings box/piggy bank.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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