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Nutcracker Tablescape

Nutcracker Tablescape

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Nutcracker Tablescape.

I love setting up tablescapes for holidays and birthdays. 

Nutcracker Tablescape

I am hosting this week and so my daughter and I decided we’d get a jump-start on the tablescape for the adult table—I typically do adult tablescape and kid-themed tablescapes for family parties.

Nutcracker Tablescape

We did this Nutcracker-themed tablescape using items that I had and a few that were bought specifically for it.

Nutcracker Tablescape

I love the way it turned out. 

There are items that symbolize The Nutcracker and references to the story all over the table.

Nutcracker Tablescape

The centerpiece is a large vase filled with Christmas candy; it is a nod to the, “Land of sweets”.

Nutcracker Tablescape

The mice are there because (if you don’t know already), they are a big part of the story.

Nutcracker Tablescape

The nutcrackers also play a main part of the story as well.

Nutcracker Tablescape

and of course we need the ballerinas. I didn’t have any ballerina statues so I used the Christmas Crackers that had ballerinas printed on them.

Nutcracker Tablescape

I like to use china for Thanksgiving and Christmas—so it is used at least twice a year.

Nutcracker Tablescape

So, I set the table with Nutcracker placemats that I bought to match the table runner.

Nutcracker Tablescape


Then I put my white china dinner plates and salad plates on top.

Nutcracker Tablescape


I used rose pink goblets that I got from my grandma, 

Nutcracker Tablescape

the white napkins I already had.

Nutcracker Tablescape

and on the bread plate my daughter placed a Christmas cracker with either a ballerina or nutcracker on it.

Nutcracker Tablescape

I only had 4 of these darling beaded wreath napkin rings. I saw them at World Market at the after-Christmas sale and unfortunately, I could only find four.

Nutcracker Tablescape

So I alternated settings with the napkin ring and then a ribbon tied around a napkin.

I bought the ribbon to match the wreath napkin rings and then we set them every other setting.


Nutcracker Tablescape

Because the ribbon matches pretty closely, alternating them works quite well and even adds a bit of contrasting interest to the tablescape.

Nutcracker Tablescape

I wound some red and white bead garland around the centerpiece and laid it down the table on both sides on top of the runner.

Nutcracker Tablescape

The beads match the candy canes, nutcrackers, and other Christmas colors. I love the way it keeps the eye moving.


Nutcracker Tablescape

The wooden Nutcrackers will have the name tags for the guests. I plan to print them out on card stock, fold them into a tent shape and place the name card right in front of their base.

Nutcracker Tablescape

Supply List for this Nutcracker Tablescape.

Center of the Table Contents:

Nutcracker table runner   exact brand here


Large 2 foot tall glass vase wide mouth

Food Used to fill up the large vase:

M&M’s Peanut Butter Red & Green Christmas 

Mini M&M’s Red & Green Christmas 

Christmas Jordan almonds red, white, and green

Candy Canes- Mini (brand Spangler)

Candy Cane straight sticks

Starlight Peppermint candies green and red round

Old Fashion cut rock and baby ribbon candy

Yogurt covered raisins 

Hershey’s Candy Cane kisses and other Christmas-themed kisses

Hershey’s Hugs Christmas

Crushed peppermint candy cane bits

Coming out of the top of the vase

Candy canes

Candy cane sticks

Homemade glitter lollipops- recipe and tutorial here

Mice ornaments (exact brand no longer found)

Nutcrackers (exact brand here)

Bead garlands red and white (exact brand no longer found)

Ballerina crackers- My Mind’s eye is the exact brand

Place Settings

Nutcracker placemats (exact brand here)

Pink colored goblets

white china

white polyester napkins

wreath beaded napkin rings (Pier Place World Market Beaded Holiday Christmas Wreath Napkin Rings sold out-check eBay)

flatware (Sam’s Club 18/10)

Christmas red, green and gold stripe ribbon

Directions on how I put together this Nutcracker Tablescape

1- I ironed the table runner and placemats. They are good quality and ironed well.

2- I set out the runner and placemats.

3- I started in the center, so I set out the candy centerpiece and stuck homemade lollipops, candy canes and candy sticks out the top to add height.

Nutcracker Tablescape

4- I ran two strands of red and white beaded glarland around the centerpiece and down both sides of the table.

5- I set out the nutcrackers, mice, ballerina (Christmas crackers).

6- I set the table with my kids’ help. China, napkins, napkin rings, flatware, bed plate, and Christmas cracker.

Nutcracker Tablescape

That’s it, it actually only took us about 20 minutes to set this up—well 35 minutes if you count ironing time. 

That said, I did already have the centerpiece mostly done as our Elf on the Shelf sibling duo made it themselves in this Christmas Candy Dive scene  but other than that it came together quickly.

I can’t wait to host this week and enjoy the tablescape with family.

For more tablescape ideas check out this link here.

Nutcracker Tablescape

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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Nutcracker Tablescape




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