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Summer Snowman Olaf Jellos from the Movie Frozen

Summer Snowman Olaf Jellos from the Movie Frozen

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Summer Snowman Olaf Jellos from the Movie Frozen.

My older daughter, Aurora, and I made these fun little jello desserts for my daughter’s Frozen birthday party.

They were fun to make. At first, they were a little tricky to assemble but they became simple and quick after we made a few.

Hopefully, by watching the video tutorial on this blog post, you can see how to make these right off the bat and you will not have to do the experimenting that I did in order to make them.

This will likely make assembly much faster.

They were totally worth the learning curve and time it took to make them though.

I got a lot of compliments on them at the party, especially from my kids, nieces, and nephews who all thought they were adorable. 

I loved how cute they were as well.  They really do resemble Olaf floating around in the lake in the movie Frozen during his song, “In Summer”.

If you haven’t seen it, Olaf is a sweet albeit inexperienced snowman who professes he would love to be able to enjoy summer. So as he is dreaming about what summer is like he pictures himself floating in a lake of water. 


Supply List for these Summer Snowman Olaf Jellos from the Movie Frozen

Pretzel sticks

Jello 2 large boxes for every 10 Olaf’s (Starburst blue and Jolly Rancher blue)

Crystal clear Chinet cups

Small/mini plain marshmallows

Medium plain marshmallows

Black icing writing gel

Candy eyes medium/small size

Orange tootsie rolls

cutting food mat


How to make these Summer Snowman Olaf Jellos from the Movie Frozen

Watch the video and/or continue reading this post…

1- Make blue jello, and pour about 1/2 C into each plastic cup. Allow to fully set/cool. Make more boxes than you think you will need.

You need to fill each cup up at 2/3rds or higher to fit Olaf in a standard plastic cup so it does take quite a bit of Jello. I used 3 large boxes and wished I had had four because the higher the Jello in the cup, the less Olaf has to be squished. The reason why I only had three boxes is that my grocery store ran out of one kind blue Jello and only one box in another blue. This is also why there are two different colors of blue Jello.

2- Place 4 small/mini marshmallows in a cup. The feet should be the smallest ones you can find in the mini mallow bag (even though they should be standard they do vary slightly in size). Set the feet small side up. The rear should be the biggest mini mallow you can find in the bag sitting in between the two mini feet. The rear end (bottom mallow) should sit large side down. The belly should be a medium mallow in the mini bag sitting small side up.  Arrange these in the cup as shown.

3- Take a writing gel pen in black add one black dot to the stomach and two black dots to the rear for the three buttons.

4- For the head, take a medium marshmallow and cut it in half. Using your fingers pinch the bottom of the marshmallow to make it oblong/form a chin. 

5- Before putting it in the cup decorate the face by using the black gel writing pen. Do this by drawing on the mouth, nose, two eyes, and two eyebrows.

6- Place candy eyes on the two black eye dots you drew with the icing gel, this helps hold them on.

7- Using a knife cut off a piece of an unwrapped orange Tootsie roll and form a carrot nose, stick it on the black dot of gel as it will help hold the nose on.

8- Very carefully move Olaf’s head into the cup and place it where it goes.

9- Snap a small pretzel stick in half and put it in the cup for his arms.

That’s it. These were out on the dessert table for hours and didn’t melt or anything so as long as the Jello is completely set and cold when you assemble them, they should last outside of a fridge for at least 5 hours.

They made a great addition to the Frozen party food table.


Enjoy your Summer Snowman Olaf Jellos from the Movie Frozen!

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