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How to Teach Your Children about Their Ancestors


*Article written by Karen Jensen, my sister and co-author of our book Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom: How to Build a Successful Financial Foundation for You and Your Children. My second grade daughter has been assigned to do a presentation on her family tree in school. She was asked to go back

Ways to Give and Serve during the Holidays


  This time of the year is such a great time to reflect on how blessed we are! Often we are encouraged to think about our wants, but I believe we find true joy in the giving and serving of others. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times to give and to serve others. There are truly

Breastfeeding Check-off List


Although I was unable to breastfeed very long with my son (story here), I’ve had a much better experience with my daughter. Things have been going really well. Before I sit down to feed my baby I go over the acronym TWEP to make sure each feeding goes well. I created this acronym to be able

4 Reasons to Have Food Storage in Times of Non-Emergency


*Article written by Karen Jensen, my sister and co-author of our book Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom: How to Build a Successful Financial Foundation for You and Your Children. Welcome Karen, Shortly after my husband and I were married we decided to work on building a food storage supply. We didn’t have

How to Save Money on a Disney Vacation

Characters in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Planning a Disney vacation can be overwhelming…..and expensive. This last summer my family went to San Diego. Before we left my brother and I were trying to find great deals on Disney tickets and find ways to save money. It was uncharted territory for me and truthfully I had a hard time finding the best

Women’s Giveaway


This week a few bloggers and I are giving away a HUGE WOMEN’s Giveaway Gift Package -HIGH VALUE-. Enter on the Rafflecopter below. One winner wins the following 9 prizes: Silhouette CAMEO®  Amazon DREAM IT UP. CUT IT OUT. The creative possibilities with the new Silhouette CAMEO® are endless. Here are just a few: Design

Baby + Blog Update


Hi! As many of you know… I’m pregnant. I’m actually Due December 6, 2014 with a girl (according to the ultrasounds). With my son I went into labor 2 weeks early and had him 4 days later. I have Prodromal Labor aka really-drawn-out-labor (I talk about it here).  This week I’ve started getting lots of early

Secrets, Tips, and General Information about Obamacare


There are a lot of things to know about Marketplace Healthcare or Obamacare. After being on it a year, doing significant research, and talking to many people who are on it I share some tips, secrets (things I really wished I had known about Obamacare before choosing a plan in the marketplace), and overall general

How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts Conveniently


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year! Yet, it can be tough on the budget. I think that celebrating the holidays should be more about spending time together and enjoying this time of the year and less about worrying about the pocket book. Thus, I do my best to plan and prepare gift buying

How to Calculate Your Real Debt and the Quickest-Least Expensive Way to Pay It Off


It is often a good thing to take a look at a debt calculator to find the total Real Debt (debt+ interest) that you will pay and when you will have it paid off. If you use a tool like this  you can determine the least expensive way (least amount of interest) you will pay

Detailed Labor Packing List for Mom, Dad, Baby, and Siblings

Pregnant blonde with suitcase

I wrote a highly viewed post about what to take to the hospital and have for the recovery period that no one ever talks about here. It is called 11 Secrets to Have in Your Labor Bag (That you probably haven’t heard of) – For Women ONLY . So I’ll just mention those 11 things as one bullet

How to Become a Property Manager


Today, I interview two stay-at-home moms who work as property managers. One wishes to remain anonymous and the other is my neighbor Teresa Thornberg. They both are unique in that they have been managing property for years and their children are now grown up and mostly moved out of the house. So although they are

3 Tips to Planning a Stress-Free and Affordable Holiday Season


Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays. It is a wonderful time of the year! Yet, it can be very stressful and expensive. Some of my favorite holiday memories and moments were those that did not involve stress or extravagance. As I think about past holiday seasons, I remember tons of free (or

Toys For Boys – Mega Giveaway


Live Like You Are Rich blog has reached it’s one year mark! I’m so very excited about it I will be holding multiple giveaways to thank my readers for continually stopping by and referring my site to others! Enter at the bottom for your chance to win one of 8 awesome toys! I want to increase

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