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15 Top Pandora Christmas Stations

15 Top Pandora Christmas Stations

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15 Top Pandora Christmas Stations.

The best part about Pandora is that it is FREE! You just need to sign up using an email and password.

I’ve been using Pandora for the last 10 years and I still love the website today. If you have never used Pandora (or heard of it before) they match the artist that you pick (the station) to similar artists. You can vote and say you like or don’t like each song if you want and unlike normal radio, you can skip the song if you don’t like it.

I have quite a few Pandora stations saved on my account but there are a few that I listen to starting at the end of November and into most of December.

Looking for other genres? Check out my Pandora Station lists for classical, country, calm, alternative, rock, and jazz.

If you have a Google or Alexa you will often have success asking them to play these stations as well. 

15 Top Pandora Christmas Stations.

1- Manheim Steamroller (Holiday)- Instrumental, modern, intense, and beautiful sounds of Christmas. If you’ve never listened to Manheim Steamroller, stop and do it now—it’s that good.

2- Michael Bublé Christmas- Bublé is my favorite Christmas vocalist. Michael’s voice is soft, clear, and melodic. 

3- Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Holiday) Radio- Incredible choral productions of Christmas music from classical to modern. This famous choir has an amazing reputation, to know why, just listen to their songs. 

Please note that the name for this choir has recently changed to, ‘The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Christmas’. As of today, Dec. 2023, the Pandora station is named as listed above however, in the future, if it does not come up under that name, you may also want to search, ‘The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Christmas Music’.

4- Nat King Cole Christmas- Cole has a soulful and gorgeous voice; he sings Christmas classics.

5- Handel’s Messiah (Overture) Radio- Classical orchestral Christmas songs, in particular, this station features the movements from Handel’s incredible, Messiah.

6- Bing Crosby (Holiday)- Timeless and classic. If you don’t know the name “Bing Crosby”, just listen to his station for a minute and you will likely know his sound.

7- Holiday Hits Radio- Music from popular Christmas movies and albums.

8- Kurt Bestor (Holiday)- Relaxing, instrumental, beautiful, and unique sounds of Christmas.

9- Kids’ Christmas Radio- Some of the “modern” songs can be annoying but for the most part, these are fun classics kids love.

10- The Piano Guys (Holiday)- Beautiful arrangements of favorite Christmas songs played with the piano and cello.

11- Chill Holiday Radio- Mellow holiday classics

12- Rock Holiday Radio- Rocking Christmas classics

13- Classical Christmas Radio- Classical favorites.

14- The Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Orchestral music that is a little harder rock than Manheim Steamroller.

15- Michael McLean (Holiday) Radio- The Forgotten Carols is a famous musical performed during the holiday season. This station features its songs.

Some of these stations will likely have a little overlap. For example, you may get some Michael Bublé on the ‘Chill Holiday Radio station’ and you may hear some Handel Messiah on a lot of these stations.

If a variety of Christmas songs is desired then listen to multiple different stations listed above you will get a wide variety.

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15 Top Pandora Christmas Stations



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