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Top 15 Jazz Pandora Stations

Top 15 Jazz Pandora Stations

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Top 15 Jazz Pandora Stations

The best part about Pandora is that it is FREE! You just need to sign up using an email and password. I’ve been using Pandora for the last 10 years and I still love the website today. If you have never used Pandora (or heard of it before) they match the artist that you pick (the station) to similar artists. You can vote and say you like or don’t like each song if you want and unlike normal radio, you can skip the song if you don’t like it.

I have quite a few Pandora stations saved on my account but there are a few that I immediately click on when I need a jazz fix.

Looking for other genres? Check out my Pandora Station lists for classical, country, calm, alternative, rock, and Christmas.

  1. Christoper O’Reilly- Relaxing, ethereal, new-age jazz.

  2. Dave Brubeck- True jazz, jazz trio.

  3. Chick Corea- 27-time Grammy-Winning Jazz Legend, Pianist and Composer. A luminary, ebullient, and youthful.

  4. Miles Davis- Straight ahead bebop jazz. Trumpet jazz.

  5. Herbie Hancock- Funky jazz, pianist.

  6. Brad Meldau- Jazz piano and collaborative cross-over Jazz ranging from classical to electronic. Relaxing.

  7. Count Basie- Big band jazz. Older/early jazz.

  8. Thelonius Monk- Abstract jazz piano, ethereal, different.

  9. Keith Jarrett- Jazz pianist, Jazz, classical, jazz fusion, free improvisation

  10. Wayne Shorter- Saxophone player jazz, a major jazz saxophonist, and jazz-rock fusion music.

  11. Wynton Marsalis- Straight-ahead jazz, jazz that kept to the original instruments used in jazz and eschewed electronica. 

  12. Duke Ellington- Jazz classics, pianist. Known for famous songs.

  13. Billie Holiday- Classic jazz singer, with strong vocals, and swing.

  14. Carla Bley- Transparent, healing, emotional jazz.

  15. Ella Fitzgerald- Class jazz, vocals soulful jazz.

Not in the mood for jazz music?

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Remember that when you search the artist on Pandora be sure to select the “station” tab after searching for the artist— that is if you want a mix of songs that are by and are similar to songs by these artists. 

Alternatively, you could say, “Alexa, play Miles Davis Radio”, etc.


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Top 15 Jazz Pandora Stations


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