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Top 15 Pandora Stations That Will Uplift and Calm Any Mood or Day

Top 15 Pandora Stations That Will Uplift and Calm Any Mood or Day

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Top 15 Pandora Stations That Will Uplift and Calm Any Mood or Day

Are you wanting a radio station that has uplifting, calm, and fun music? All you need to do is go to Pandora and type in one of the 15 artists below.

The best part about Pandora is that it is FREE! You just need to sign up using an email and password. I’ve been using Pandora for the last 10 years and I still love them today. If you have never used Pandora (or heard of it before) they match the artist that you pick (the station) to similar artists. You can vote and say you like or don’t like each song if you want and unlike normal radio, you can skip the song if you don’t like it.

I have quite a few Pandora stations saved on my account but there are a few that I immediately click on when I need to be uplifted or calmed down.

Looking for other genres? Check out my Pandora Station lists for classical, country, jazz, alternative, rock, and Christmas.

#1- Jack Johnson– Soothing yet catchy with great uplifting lyrics.

#2- Enya– Calming music, unique, mystical. 

#3- Creedence Clearwater Revival– Fun music that will have you drumming along with the beat.

#4- IZ– Soothing with uplifting lyrics. Easy listening.

#5- Mumford & Sons– Folk rock music, blue grassy style. Super happy music.

#6- Matt Costa– Upbeat, great lyrics, light and enjoyable.

#7- Paul Cardall– Piano and other instrumental music. Beautiful soundtracks to popular movies. Very relaxing and calming.

#8- Elephant Revival– Beautiful vocals and lyrics. Relaxing and fresh.

#9- Ben Harper– Smooth Alternative. 

#10- Josh Groban– Deep and rich yet uplifting (more of an opera style at times).

#11- Priscilla Ahn– Easy listening, great vocals, catchy tunes.

#12- James Taylor– An oldy but goody. Great lyrics and guitar music.

#13- Bon Iver– Wonderful soothing and very unique sounds.

#14- Michael Buble– Fun, catchy, upbeat, and uplifting station. 

#15- Cherie CallMotivational and enlightening lyrics with great music.

Not in the mood for any of the calming artists below?

Check these other stations:

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I hope these free radio stations brighten up, calm, and uplift your tough days.




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Top 15 Pandora Stations That Will Uplift and Calm Any Mood or Day

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Nick Brown

Monday 6th of July 2015

Came across your blog today searching for new Pandora songs. Keep up the great work.

Anita Fowler

Monday 6th of July 2015

Thank you very much Nick! Glad to have you as a neighbor!

Deanna Lindstrom

Thursday 15th of January 2015

Thanks for this great list! How about Michael Franti - my absolute favorite feel good music with a great message.


Monday 5th of January 2015

Thank you for sharing. Definitely going to check it out.


Monday 20th of October 2014

I love piano instrumentals to relax--try anything by Beegie Adair, you can't go wrong. I play that at dinner time to calm my kids down before/while we eat or in the car if I'm feeling stressed.

Anita Fowler

Tuesday 21st of October 2014

Great tip! I'll have to try that one out. Thanks!


Sunday 19th of October 2014

I too listen to many of your recommended stations! My new favorite is Rockabye baby! Highly recommend! ! :-)

Anita Fowler

Tuesday 21st of October 2014

Sweet! thanks for the recommendation! I'll give it a try!

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