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How to Upgrade Your Dishwasher to Stainless Steel for Around $100.00

I was upgrading my friend’s home and he loved the dishwasher he currently had—the only problem was it was out of date/black. All of his other appliances were stainless steel. We searched around and the equivalent dishwasher in stainless steel would have cost him over $450.00. I decided to see if we could change the

5 Ways to Reduce Time Spent on Washing Dishes + a Deal You Won’t Want to Miss!

Dishes. The never-ending household chore. Some women love to do dishes. I am not one of them! Dishes are my nemesis. So finding ways to get them done faster is something I’m always trying to do. Here are a few tips. 1. Rinse dishes immediately after use. When you are cooking, baking, etc. rinsing out

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