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28 Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2024

28 Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2024

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This month I didn’t listen to any books I disliked. Usually there are one or two… but this month they were all good to great audiobooks. I’ll give a brief review on why I liked them now…

1- A Girl Called Sampson by Amy Harmon– I loved this book. It is historical fiction about a girl who joined the Revolutionary War. While it was based on a real person, it was only very loosely based. That said, the story was compelling and good. I just wished I had known how loosely based on reality it was because it read more truthful than it turned out to be. Either way though, it was a great listen.

2- The Ultimate Napoleon Hill Library By Napoleon Hill– Napoleon Hill is a genius at making one feel and think they can do just about anything they can dream up. He makes his case in this compilation of speeches and interviews over and over again—and to be upfront this book is quite repetitive as they pull his recordings from multiple different speeches, interviews, radio shows, etc. and he often tells the same stories. However, repetition is good—especially in this subject matter. I highly recommend Napoleon Hill’s work if you want to be successful in whatever your passion is. And as an aside, I LOVED how he praises mothers and in particular his step mother. So much of his content is about succeeding in the work field however he does make note that mothers are vital to the success of society.

3- Dead on Target by M.C. Beaton– This is the newest Agatha Raisin installment in the series. As sadly, MC Beaton has passed on her ghostwriter is now continuing the series. I like his style of writing and although he is a bit more crass than Beaton he does has more emotional/sentimental moments. He does a great job of staying true to the original storyline and characters. In this fun mystery about archery, Agatha of course helps solve it. She is also figuring out her love life (finally)—it’s been a long time coming.

4- Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks– I appreciated this book’s mystery component and brilliant plot twist. I didn’t love the singing in it and I did find the main girl a bit “cliche”. Overall it was a great quick read and the plot was awesome.

5- Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman– If you are a fan of Thor, Loki, Odin, and other Norse characters, you’ll likely find this book interesting. I thought it was mildly interesting and learned a lot about the mythology that came from the Viking culture. I did like learning about the myths and legends although a few fables were a little too grotesque and immoral for me to enjoy.

6- A Quiet Life in the Country Book 1 by T E Kinsey– This is another Englishwoman murder mystery series I’ve started and I like the spunkiness of the two central characters. The plot was well developed and I liked how the woman were able to help solve the mystery reasonably.

7- In the Market for Murder Book 2 by T E Kinsey– This is a fun murder mystery with a lot of clues. Where this series shines is that it has a fun plot (two flapper women who are living fun lives) that is just about as prominent as the mystery you are trying to solve.

8- The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer– This was a great action book. The plot was interesting, moved quickly, and the science was compelling. I would read many more of these types of books if Stephenie Meyer keeps writing them.

I discovered Sarah E Ladd’s Edwardian romance books this month and I’ve liked them so much, I’ve binged my way through most of them. I do this while cleaning the house, driving, doing laundry, etc.

I love how Ladd’s books are so realistic (things do not always work out).  The plots are typically well developed and yet romance still manages to bloom. I appreciate that all of her books are clean and most contain some sort of reference to God and faith—which I love.

I did not listen to them in order, I read them as my library released them on my Libby app. I do not believe that reading them in order is necessary to fully appreciate the story as only a few are very loosely bound.

9 – A Stranger at Fellsworth by Sarah E. Ladd– A great read about a brave young woman who wants to escape a terrible home situation. She tries and realistically fails. But it is in the trying to gain freedom that she meets a great man.

10- A Lady at Willowgrove Hall by Sarah E. Ladd– Another great read from Ladd.  This was an interesting and captivating read about a young woman who was abandoned and wants more any anything to reunite with her twin.

11- The Heiress of Winterwood by Sarah E Ladd– This is one of my favorite books of Sarah E Ladd. I seriously loved the first chapter and how the plot struck me as unique in just a few pages. I loved the struggle that all of the characters had.  The storyline and character development as well as romance were all well developed. Great book.

12- Dawn at Emberwildeby Sarah E Ladd– This book had a great start and the plot twist was believable and somewhat unexpected. Loved this one.

13- The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E Ladd– Interesting book. I liked the main characters and how complex the relationship dynamics became. It had a good end.

14- The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E Ladd– This was a very fascinating storyline with smugglers, shipwrecks, loyalty, and great character development. There was a bit of mystery and action that I found refreshing. Great read.

15- The Thief of Wyndcliff by Sarah E Ladd– This was a suspenseful read and reminded me a lot of Poldark in the regard it was about mining and the struggles to keep the mining community appeased and employed. It was a very good read.

16- The Governess of Penwythe Hall by Sarah E Ladd– An intriguing story about a governess thrown into an unexpected situation. Her grief and faith was inspiring.

17- The Weaver’s Daughter by Sarah E Ladd– This was a great book from start to finish. It reminded me a bit of Romeo and Juliet the Weaver’s vs. Millers. I loved the character and plot development and love story.

18- The Headmistress of Rosemere by Sarah E Ladd– This was one of my least favorites. The character development and plot were good but the love/romantic connection was so lightly developed it was almost missing. I had no real desire for the two main people to get together because they had almost zero interaction… but the rest of the story was awesome and for that, it was definitely worth the read.

19- The Letter from Briarton Park by Sarah E Ladd– I liked the storyline/plot of this book and the murder mystery component. It wasn’t my favorite of Ladd’s but it was a great book.

I recently watched a PBS documentary about Agatha Christie and was inspired to listen to more of her books this month as well.

20- Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie- Try listening to Tommy and Tuppence on 3x fast mode in a British accent, it sounds like “Tommy and Tommies”. It took a while for me to figure out that husband and wife did not have the same name. Haha. This is a fun novel about a husband and wife amateur detective duo and is a bit different for a Christie novel. I liked it.

21- Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie– I’ve listened to the dramatized and non dramatized versions of this one. I’d recommend listening to both. First the non dramatized version, and then the dramatized as the drama is much easier to follow by listening to the book as written first.

22- Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie– This had good acting and intrigue and a quick plot. It was fun that Agatha wrote this to tie into the rhyme of the Five Little Pigs.

23- Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie- I rarely say it, but I this time it is true…  The motion picture just released is better than this book. The movie A Haunting in Venice 2023 was full intrigue, developed characters, and amazing cinematography. The book is good, but I liked the movie better.

24- Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie- This was a short listen but fun and engaging.

25- The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories by Agatha Christie– Great short stories by Agatha Christie, some I had listened to before, some were new. I just love her writing so this is another recommended book to read.

I’m reading through the Book of Mormon and have read

26- Nephi- I love the stories of Nephi and his family’s adventures in getting to the Americas.

27- 2nd Nephi- While I like this whole book, Chapters 1-5 are particularly inspirational and moving (Chapter 2 being my absolute favorite).

28- Jacob- I appreciate the allegories, insight, and stories in Jacob. It’s a challenge to really comprehend the treasures this book has to offer.

If you get to read any of these 28 Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2024, let me know what you think in the comment below.

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