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31 Items You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

31 Items You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

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31 Items You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree…

These are the items that I choose to usually buy at Dollar Tree. I buy them there because for the quality and price it’s hard to beat.

Note that as of writing this article, my stores are still selling items at $1.00 an item (early 2022). However, I know the online store has shifted over to $1.25 for most items and there is rumor that stores will too.

Still, at $1.25 most of the items below are still a great deal, some of the deals listed will no longer be the best deals out there but most will still be.

Dollar Tree also accepts coupons (at most stores). Using coupons will obviously lower the prices to an even better deal.

1. Wreath Forms and wreaths– metal, plastic, and twine wreath forms and wreaths can be purchased in-store or online and are a great quality. I’ve used many different kinds and they have all been very sturdy.

2. Transfer Tape and Vinyl- The Crafter’s Square Dollar Tree transfer tape is much cheaper than other brands. It isn’t as strong/sticky but I prefer it because the transfer of vinyl is easier using this brand. The vinyl is good—not great, but good. If you have a project that requires inexpensive vinyl or a simple design that transfers on to a flat surface, give Crafter’s Square vinyl a try!

3. Crafting Supplies– Rotary cutters (surprisingly good), beads, wooden boxes, stickers, plastic snow globes, ornaments, signs, ribbon, decorative rocks, etc. are all great quality and have amazing prices. 

4. Decor- Some of the items sold for decor are clearly cheap looking. However, I have found that when a Dollar Tree item is added to a handmade or a higher-quality-item it can make a nice decor piece. For example, the glass vases with real flowers or more-expensive faux flowers are great. Candles, twine globes, updated shadow boxes, etc. 

5. Vegetable Peeler and other cooking supplies- I seriously love the Betty Crocker potato/vegetable peeler found at Dollar Tree. I bought many for myself, friends and family. I’ve also purchased measuring spoons and cups, funnels, silicone spatulas, small silicone tongs, etc. with good success. These items had pretty good quality. I’ve bought and didn’t like the whisk, strainer, knifes or plastic spatula (as they are very low quality).

6. Kids’ Art Supplies/Toys– Chalk, bubbles, Barbie Accessories, Kitchen play food (sliceable), dress up butterfly wings, Hula hoops, pool noodles, and craft projects (stained glass, sand art, wind chime, etc.) are some of my kids’ favorites.

7. Plastic Tablecloths– These are great for parties, cutting hair over, and used as a drop cloth for play doh, sand, and other crafts.

8. Wrapping paper– I priced out wrapping paper from Costco and other stores and per foot the non-metallic regular wrapping paper was 40-50% cheaper at Dollar Tree. It’s quality is pretty good as well. Note that this wrapping paper is not the super-thick-type however, it has always worked well for gift-wrapping needs.

9. Party supplies– Depending on your Dollar Tree, you’ll likely find party supplies there. However, what each store carries varies. I found really nice candles (glitter dipped HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles) and others for $1.00 a piece, this was a major find because I saw identical sets for $10 at Kohls! I have also found the large number (1, 2, 3, etc.) candles there too. You can often find matching plates, napkins, streamers, etc. for parties there as well.

10. Party favors- There are a surprising amount of small toys you can use as favors for parties. We use items for activities and favors at almost all of our birthday parties.

11. Coloring books, folders, and other school supplies– We usually get our coloring books from Dollar Tree. They have a really good variety. They also carry poster board, crayons, colored pencils, folders, and many school supplies. You can often find these items on sale for a dollar elsewhere but it’s not always a consistent price like it is at Dollar Tree.

12. Spices– Cinnamon, garlic powder, salt, pepper, sugar, onion powder, etc. I have baked and cooked with all of these from Dollar Tree and have not noticed any difference in the quality of my food. They are often 60% less than the grocery stores.

13. Bubble bath– By getting the adult bubble bath (large bottles) for a dollar, my kids can pour liberally and I don’t have to worry about the cost of it. 

14. Super Glue and Epoxy– You can get brand name super glue and epoxy at Dollar Tree. I do all the time. I prefer the small 4 packs of super glue for a dollar so I can use it once or twice and toss the bottle. I don’t worry too much when it only costs me 25 cents. When I buy Super Glue elsewhere the price I paid eats at me when a bottle dries up.

15. Plastic disposable gloves– Great for cleaning or one time use.

16. Plate Chargers– If you like to switch up your tablescapes try looking for chargers and placemats at Dollar Tree for an inexpensive switch up.

17. Face Masks- Reusable face masks can be found here for a competitive price.

18. Holiday Dinnerware– If you want to switch up your dinnerware for holidays, Dollar Tree often has some great styles at affordable prices.  You can purchase them in-store and online. Just FYI if you order breakable products online, you want to account for the fact that often a few will get broken in the shipment. I don’t know why, but usually they aren’t packaged the best. So order accordingly. They usually don’t charge you when you pick up in store if items have broke. 

For plain colored dinnerware, IKEA is usually a better deal as far as quality and price goes.

19. Gift bags– You can get some pretty large and cute gift bags at Dollar Tree. The large ones are a bit thin, but I found they still hold pretty well. Once they jump to $1.25 each it may be debatable if you can find them elsewhere for cheaper.

20. Tissue Paper for gifts (35 sheets for $1.00 or 2 Cents each)– I searched around for better deals on tissue paper and just didn’t find any. Dollar Tree truly is the best price (that I could find).

21. Candy– You can get bags and boxes of candy that retail for much more at grocery stores for just $1.00. 

22. Drinks– Often the brand name drinks sold at Dollar Tree are over 50% less than at a gas station. For Example Arizona drinks are 60% less expensive at Dollar Tree vs. grocery stores and gas stations.

23. Helium-filled foil balloons– This is another steal of a deal. You can choose from a variety of helium filled foil balloons (many that are very cute and on-trend) for a dollar. I love how quickly they fill them for you as well with the fact that they seal automatically after filled.

24. Vinyl tools– Crafter’s Square, Dollar Tree’s brand of Cricut tools, etc. are so good, I can almost not tell a difference between Cricut’s and Crafter’s Square. Check them out and see what you think!

25. Storage baskets- Check out the online store for a wide variety of storage items that are much cheaper than their counterparts.

26. Miscellaneous Items– we got the cutest pack of plush/beanie bunnies for Easter and I cannot believe they were only a dollar each. I also found kitty cat items for my daughter’s bedroom. Check out Dollar Tree stores and website for some really neat finds!

27. Basket Bags (2 for $1.00)– If you like to gift baskets and use cellophane bags, Dollar Tree online has really competitive price and good reviews: each bag costs only .50 cents.

28. Planters and Pots and vases– $1.00 each for a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to plant with. From potting soil to planters, vases, etc. Dollar Tree is hard to beat!

29. Frames- I’m so impressed by the frames (most have real glass) that you can find at Dollar Tree and online. I’ve looked elsewhere and even Ikea pales in quality comparison. They are really good frames. Lately, they’ve been rolling out gold geometric frames and other on-trend designs.

30. Cleaning supplies– Dollar Tree has many brand name and off brand name cleaning supplies that work really well. They are often cheaper than other stores.

31. Food-  Stauffer’s iced animal crackers, Snyder’s of Hannover Pretzels, Smart Pop white cheddar popcorn, Teddy Grahams, individual cups of peaches, pears, and mangos, canned soups, some veggies  are often 70% cheaper at Dollar Tree than at grocery stores. These are a few food items that I look for at Dollar Tree when I’m there. My family love these items and they are cheaper than I can usually find at the local grocery store (even on sale).

I’m sure there are others but these are the items I habitually purchase at Dollar Tree. Have I missed anything? What do you love from Dollar Tree that is almost always cheaper than purchasing elsewhere?

Again, when I wrote this article everything was still $1.00. I apologize for the math when the prices may have changed in your area.

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31 Items You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree



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