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7 Excellent Revolutionary War Audiobooks

7 Excellent Revolutionary War Audiobooks

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Many heroes, sung and unsung fought for American Independence. I have recently listened to these 7 audiobooks which have helped me understand the vital roles many people had in fighting for the freedom I am so grateful for.

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1. Washington by Ron Chernow- I LOVED this book. I already had so much respect and love for George Washington but this book increased that a hundredfold. I could write pages of synopsis (this is a 40 hour audiobook) but suffice to say, Washington was one of the finest men who ever lived. He dedicated his entire life to the cause of honor and independence and when he finally received the recognition and praise he deserved, he did not want it. He relinquished his power as readily as he could. There is a saying, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” I would add to this saying, “—except for the rare few, such as George Washington”.

2. Hamilton by Ron Chernow- This is a Must-Read. I loved learning more about Alexander Hamilton and those who he worked alongside including his wife. I am so impressed by this giant of a man. He accomplished so much in his short life that it is mind-boggling. His wife went on to accomplish a great many things after Hamilton died. 

3. Valcour by Jack Kelly- This was an awesome book. I had no idea there was a naval battle on Lake Champlain during the Revolutionary War. The battle was called, The Battle of Valcour Bay. Arnold Benedict commanded most of the ships during the battle. While America didn’t quite win, we didn’t fully lose either. We were able to cripple the British navy and we prevented them from entering into the Hudson Bay earlier than they did. Many Americans were captured or killed but most escaped. This Battle stalled the British invasion from Canada so that American troops could rally. One hundred years later, the great naval theorist Alfred Thayer Mahan observed that “the little American navy was wiped out, but never had any force, big or small, lived to better purpose.” Somehow I missed this in my history classes and The Battle of Valcour was very interesting to learn about.

 4. 1776 by David McCullough is a fantastic book about the Revolutionary War in the year 1776. It was so good that I wish it had covered the entire war. I am in awe that America’s rag-tag green army gained ground when so much was stacked against them. Washington is a hero of mine for being humble, disciplined, faithful, and selfless. A lesser man could not have accomplished what he did.

5. John Adams by David McCullough I am truly in awe at everything John and Abigail Adams did for America’s Independence. They are American heroes. God sent giants of men and women to earth during this time to accomplish one of His greatest miracles: the creation of a free country led by the people for the people.

6. A Girl Called Sampson by Amy Harmon– I loved this book. Unlike the other books on this list, this one is a type of historical fiction about a real girl, Deborah Sampson, who joined the Revolutionary War disguised as a man. While it is based on a real person, it is only loosely based. Deborah was brave and in time, became a celebrated war hero. I wished I had known how loosely based on reality it is because when I researched Deborah Sampson I was disappointed that this book took too many liberties with her story which is deserving of a more realistic plot.

7. Forgotten Legends: Remarkable Figures and Their Impact on Early America by Samuel Johnston- This audiobook gives a short synopsis of 14 people who helped with the Revolutionary War. It highlights unsung heroes such as: Ester De Berdt Reed, Peter Francisco, Sybil Ludington, Phillis Wheatley, James Armistead Lafayette, Mary Katherine Goddard and other heroes. I enjoyed learning about those who have received less recognition but who fought for freedom heroically.

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7 Excellent Revolutionary War Audiobooks


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