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7 Fun Family Summer Activities That Are Free!

7 Fun Family Summer Activities That Are Free!

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Spending time as a family is really important. And there are plenty of super fun things to do in the summer together. The problem is, if you do a lot of activities that charge per person it really starts to add up. So here are 7 free summer activities to enjoy without worrying about the budget.

1. Going to the park and playing games or sports– Depending on the age of the children you could can tailor the games or play a variety of both. For younger children games like Duck Duck Goose, Freeze Tag, and playing on the swing set would be great fun. If the kids are older you could play Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, or whatever sports they enjoy. Bring along neighbor kids and extended family if you need more people to form a team.

2. Setting up your own water slide at home– As a kid, I LOVED it when my mom would turn on the sprinklers in the day and we would break out the visqueen and the hose and create our own giant water slide. It was the highlight of our summer days.

3. Playing night games in the dark– We loved night games and usually rounded up all kids ages 7-19 in the neighborhood. Sometimes parents would play as well. We dressed in black and played a variety of night games for hours and hours-having the time of our lives. I love night games so much I will still play them. If you don’t know how to play, do a quick google search for a variety of games and the rules.

4. Setting up your own outdoor theater– Many people set up an outdoor theater using a sheet, a projector, or simply a big flat screen TV. Pop some popcorn, grab some Fruttare bars, and enjoy watching a movie in the sweet summer air.

5. Going to a local beach or free pool- We love swimming in the summer. My family and I often go to the lake (a few times a month at least!) Just this week we decided to go for a low key outing. It went super smoothly, was easy to plan, and was super fun.

The thing I love about going to the lake is that you can make it as elaborate  (invite lots of guests, have a BBQ cookout, etc.) or as simple (just the immediate family with a cooler of popsicles) as you wish.

7 Fun Family Summer Activities That Are Free!

7 Fun Family Summer Activities That Are Free!


6. Going on a hike or walk- We have a lot of fun hikes around this area. I like to choose fairly shaded ones in the summer. There are activities and games to keep older kids entertained (outdoor scavenger hunts to find certain birds, plants, etc.). Again, google for hiking scavenger hunts. There are also many shaded walking areas that can be found in most cities if mountains are not nearby.

7. Going to free community-sponsored events- Almost every community has a website and publishes most events that are going on. Many of them are free (they usually specify if they are or aren’t). There are music, cultural,  and art events held throughout the summer that are fun for all ages and FREE.

You don’t have to spend money to enjoy the summertime with your family. What do you like to do with your family that is inexpensive?

7 Fun Family Summer Activities That Are Free!


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7 Fun Family Summer Activities That Are Free!



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