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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

I love homemade caramel. However, after trying Mrs. Call’s sea salt kettle-cooked caramel, I decided it was just as good as homemade—if not better.

These Mrs. Call’s caramels are very good. They are soft and have a beautiful balance of caramel and sea salt. If you have never tried them, I encourage you to!

One year I gave caramel to neighbors for Christmas gifts, it was a Pain with a capital P.

It took forever to make the caramel, allow it to cool, cut, and wrap it.

Worse, some of the batches of caramel I made didn’t turn out as good as others and so I was left wondering who I should gift the better caramels to. I resolved never to make individually wrapped caramel in mass again.

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

My problems would have been solved had I purchased Mrs. Call’s individually wrapped caramels at Costco.

If bought at Costco they aren’t ridiculously expensive either.

They cost a little more than homemade however, you save hours and hours by using store-bought.

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

These caramels look extra special in a beautiful macaron box with decorative shreds and a Christmas ribbon.

What’s cool is that they are wax-wrapped and look homemade.

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

You don’t even have to tell people they are store-bought—unless they ask of course.

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels



These neighbor Christmas gifts only require a few supplies, they come together in a few minutes and only cost about $2.00 each. 

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

Supply List for this Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

Mrs. Call’s Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Caramels— a 25 oz bag will make 8 1/3 gifts. (Costco has them cheapest).

Gift boxes 50 for $26.18

Shred red and gold crinkle-cut paper  

Christmas String- I used white and gold

Cost Breakdown for this Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

Gift boxes 50 for $26.18= .52 each gift

Shred red and gold crinkle cut paper  purchased for .83 an ounce at Dollar Tree 4 grams per gift = .10 each gift

Christmas String- I used white and gold= .03 for each gift

Mrs. Call’s Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Caramels 11.99 at Costco for a 25 oz bag= ~60 caramels .20 each x 7= $1.40

The total for this gift= $2.05

These would cost $2.25 if you put 8 caramels in.

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

Directions on how to assemble this Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

To see how to assemble these watch the video on this page or read the instructions below.

1- Assemble the paper box.

2- Put a little decorative shred in the bottom of the box—wait to place the caramels in the box until you have completed step 4.

4- Take the plastic off of the clear lid and very carefully open it up without creasing the edges. You want to wait to crease the edges until you have slipped it onto the white box first.

If you try to crease the clear lids before you slip it onto the white rectangular box you will likely get ugly lines in the top of the plastic portion that you want to remain clear and pretty. If this is confusing please watch the video for visual details.

5- Pull the lid back but not off of the box, and place 7-8 caramels in at an angle. Close the lid.

6- Tie a string around the box and knot it at the top. Trim the ribbon so each end is about the same length.

That’s it.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels

They are incredibly delicious too.

I’d love to receive this from neighbors.


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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Caramels


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