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Classy Neighbor Christmas Gifts for Under $2.00

Classy Neighbor Christmas Gifts for Under $2.00

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I am always on the lookout for Classy Neighbor Christmas Gifts for Under $2.00 each.

If you are like me, you don’t have hundreds of extra dollars in your Christmas budget for neighbor and friend gifts.

We are in this position about every year as we have four children and large families on both sides.

I have a lot of wonderful neighbors and friends. The number of people/families to gift something to is usually around 65 each Christmas.

I budget about $150-$200 each year for neighbor gifts so I’m constantly looking for nice, classy, useful, or delicious neighbor gifts for under $2.00 each.

Here are some of my favorites. I’ve gifted, received, or plan to gift in the coming years…

Listed below are over 50 Classy Neighbor Christmas Gifts for Under or around$2.00 Each:

 Clementine Wreath

This is a darling and healthy festive gift that most recipients are sure to love. Instructions for assembly are here.

 Homemade Potpourri + Free Printable

Some of my all-time favorite gifts I’ve received from neighbors are homemade potpourri mixes. They make my home smell like Christmas and are so easy to use. You just pour the mix into a pot with water and simmer the ingredients on a stovetop. Here is a recipe for a Christmas Stovetop Potpourri + it comes with a free printable.

Inexpensive Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bombs

This delicious, beautiful, and classy neighbor Christmas gift is sure to impress. See how to make five peppermint hot cocoa bombs including the box and decorative shred for $2.05 each. Plus it comes with a free printable which you can get here.

 Hot Cocoa in a Jar + Free Printable

Hot cocoa is a nice treat for a winter’s day and they cost less than $2.00 each to make. This is a classic neighbor Christmas gift with a bit of a peppermint twist. Recipe and free printable here.

If you want a dark chocolate homemade hot cocoa recipe. This one is great and it also comes with a free printable available here. However, this homemade hot cocoa recipe is more expensive than most of the bulk store-bought brands so, unlike the peppermint one above, this homemade hot cocoa will cost over $2.00 for each jar to make.


Tin with Herbal Tea

These Christmas neighbor gifts with herbal peppermint tea are darling. The tins and contents have a very cute vintage vibe; they make me happy just looking at them. Here’s how to assemble the tin of tea gift for ~$2.00 each.

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey has a light airy/whipped texture and is lovely on rolls, bread, toast, and more. It also has a pretty golden-yellow hue. You can gift these beautiful creamed honey jars to friends for about $1.80-$2.20 each. Get the details/cost breakdown here.

Pineapple + Free Printable

I received a pineapple as a gift last year from a neighbor and I thought it was a great gift; simple, classy, and delicious. Add ribbon and a  Free Printable here.

Charcuterie Mini Boards

I love a good charcuterie board and since they are also healthy and “on-trend”, I thought that it may be a great idea for a Christmas neighbor gift. Produced in mass I made them for under $2.50 each as well. Tied up in cellophane with a ribbon, my neighbors said that they were so cute! See the cost breakdown here.

Cookie Decorating Kit

This is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Gift your neighbors and friends a cookie decorating kit. Ginger snaps plus cream cheese frosting and sprinkles make a delicious and festive gift. See how to make these for under $1.50 each here.


These pretty Christmas-colored gumballs in cellophane make a classy and delicious neighbor Christmas gift for under $2.00 each. You can get the cost breakdown and supply list here.

JOJO’s Chocolate Bar

If you or your friends are clean eaters, this neighbor Christmas gift of JOJO’s chocolate bars would be the perfect one to give. Like most things that are healthy and/or Organic, this gift costs a bit more, $2.89 each. Get the cost breakdown here.

Toblerone Bars

Depending on when and where you purchase the full-size Toblerone bars will determine the price of this gift. If you just pick them up at any grocery store, they can be fairly expensive. I give some tips on how to purchase these bars for about $1.25 each here.

Hand Soap

One of my favorite neighbor gifts is a foam soap dispenser with wonderful-smelling soap. I love Bath and Body Works Christmas soaps. I share some tips on how to purchase these normally $8.00 soap dispensers for around $2.00 here.

Life Savers

This a great gift to give neighbors during the holiday season. It is a tin filled with Life Saver Mints and if desired you can add a religious message about Jesus Christ by printing off and attaching the free printable here.

Mini Cakes

Bake and frost mini house cakes covered in white frosting and powdered sugar for a festive, delicious, and cute neighbor Christmas gift. These cost just over $1.00 each. Get the details here.

Homemade Lollipops

These glittery lollipops are not only beautiful and inexpensive but also delicious. Get the recipe, cost breakdown (5 lollipops cost about $1.00), and the supply list here.

Wonderful Pistachios

This gift of Wonderful pistachios is pretty, has Christmas colors, is healthy, and is very simple. It is a perfect neighbor Christmas gift. It costs just over $2.00 a gift. See the price breakdown here.

Old Fashion Christmas Candy

This Neighbor Christmas gift of old-fashion Christmas candy in a corked jar is decidedly festive, pretty, delicious, and unique. Each one only takes a minute to assemble which is perfect for a busy holiday season and costs less than $1.50 each. Get the cost breakdown and supply list here.

Bonne Maman Preserves Mini Jar

These mini jars of French preserves are darling, delicious, and inexpensive. See how you can make these in just a minute and gift them for under $2.00 here.

Christmas Candles

This is a pretty way to give a candle plus it has a free printable to go with and all for around $1.35 each. Get the free printable and other details here.

Hugs and Kisses Gingerbread Houses

These darling little gingerbread houses are classy and cute. They are filled with Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses in Christmas wrapping and flavors. See how to make these for $2.00 and get the free XOXO printable here.

Christmas Book

Many people have traditions of reading one book a night in December to their children. We try to do this at our home as well so I love when I am gifted Christmas books. I was able to get 60 of these darling books and wrap them up for $2.05 each. Get the details here.


I was able to put these gorgeous macaron boxes with 6 delicious and different flavored macarons for under $2.50 and in only a few minutes per gift. Get the details on how here.

Bowl of Fruit

This is a simple yet healthy gift and the bowl can be reused. See the tutorial on how I made these using real bowls for about $2.00 each here.

Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Toasty Vanilla—Muddy Buddies™ Mix

This is a great snacking mix for watching Christmas movies, playing board games, or just sharing as a neighbor Christmas gift with your neighbors and friends. They are so affordable, you can make them even bigger by using larger candy cups and still come in under $2.00! See how here.

Utah Truffles

Many people say these are their favorite truffles ever. So gifting them as neighbor Christmas gifts is a sure win! See how to gift these for under $2.00 here.

Snowy Trail Mix Plus Free Printable

A festive Christmas trail mix that is great for gifting. The price of this gift will have a broad range depending on multiple factors. So, this gift can cost about $2.00-$5.00 each. Get the cost details, the supply list, and the free printable here.

Wood Serving Spoon(s)

These wooden spoons are nicely sanded and are smooth can reach into the pot’s inside edgesand they don’t stain—even after several uses. Get the cost breakdown and supply list here.

Whipped Symphony Truffles

Delicious, soft whipped Symphony chocolate truffles with a slight crunch from the small bits of almond and toffee make great neighbor Christmas gifts. They are quick to make as well. Get the recipe here.

Cheetos Snowflakes

These Cheetos are similar to puffs but they are better. They have a light crunch and a great flavor of white cheddar. The only way I can describe the texture is to say that these Cheetos have a light buttery crunch. 

Because they are seasonal and widely unknown, I thought they’d make a fun unique neighbor gift for Christmas. Check out this link to see how to gift these for under $1.50 boxed.

Ribbon Candy

Gifting ribbon candy to your neighbors, friends, and family in this way is so simple, beautiful, nostalgic for many, and delicious. Read how to gift this gorgeous gift for $1.85 here.


Nice Pen and Post-it Notepad + Free Printable

He’s Making a List free printable with a nice pen and Post-it notepad is not only festive but useful for just about anyone. See how to put this gift together for $2.00 here.

Rock Candy Sticks + Free Printable

I was amazed at how much my family members—both young and old, loved the rock candy sticks that I ordered for my daughter’s recent birthday party. This got me thinking that rock candy sticks in white, green, and red would be a hit for a unique but well-liked classy Christmas neighbor gift. Get the cost breakdown and free printable here.


A Spoonful of Sugar, Sugar Bowl

This is so cute. It is a wooden sugar bowl and spoon filled with cinnamon sugar and comes with a printable: “Just a spoonful of cinnamon sugar”. Get the free printable and cost breakdown here.

Deck of Playing Cards plus a free, “Join in some Reindeer Games” printable

Playing cards make a great neighbor gift for Christmas as friends and family often play games and cards together during the holidays. Get the free Reindeer Games printable and cost breakdown here.

Lindt Truffles

Lindt LINDOR makes gorgeous Christmas-themed truffles that can be put into a clear bag and look lovely and festive without doing much of anything. Get the tips for how I was able to make these gift bags of 10 truffles for $1.64 here.

A Bottle of Martinelli’s

Almost everyone I know loves a glass of cold crisp Martinelli’s. This a very simple, nonalcoholic yet delicious gift most people will enjoy. I gave these out last year as neighbor gifts. 

To Buy: Martinelli’s (The large bottles are often on sale for $1.50 at Costco and Walmart around the holidays). You can add a ribbon, a mini Christmas wreath ornament, and a tag. 

Maple Syrup-


Grade A maple syrup makes a very classy neighbor Christmas gift—especially when it is presented in a glass bottle with a pretty ribbon. See how to assemble these for $2.00-$5.00 each, depending on selections made.

Nature’s Garden Organic Mix 

A healthy and festive mix of nuts, seeds, and berries for your neighbors and friends this Christmas. Get the cost breakdown and details for this gift here.

Hand Towel

This hand towel is a very nice and practical gift to give neighbors and friends during the holiday season. Folded nicely with a pretty ribbon, it looks beautiful. See how to gift this high-quality towel for under $2.00 each here.


 M&M Rolo Pretzels

I received these as a gift last year as well. They are so delicious they were easily one of my favorite of received gifts. Get the supply list as well as assembly instructions here.

Buttered Popcorn

Good old-fashioned red and white popcorn bags filled with buttered popcorn and a green bow can be a classy, simple, and well-liked Christmas gift for neighbors. See how to make these for $0.78 each here.


I have a few amazing cookie recipes. This one is my all-time favorite cookie recipe: Heath cookie recipe. I also have a Toblerone cookie recipe that is amazing as well.  Remember not to overbake these cookies.

If you want to go traditional Christmas, try these chewy cookie-cutter sugar cookies that are delicious and super soft.

I find that homemade cookies can be one of the most delicious gifts BUT putting them on a weak paper plate with seran wrap fails a bit in presentation if you are going for classy. If you don’t want ‘classy’, no judgment here, it is the thought that counts.

However, if the presentation is something that matters to you, try using cellophane, a nice shiny ribbon or combination of ribbons, and a strong plastic plate.

Alternatively, you can stack them and roll them in cellophane, place them in a Dollar Tree tin or basket, or stack them in a jar. You can even put them in a cellophane bag.

Just remember that the ingredients also cost money so don’t spend so much on the presentation that it surpasses your budget.

Store Bought Cookies

Store-bought cookies can be beautiful and delicious. Check out how to fill these darling baking cups with a holiday homemade cookie mix for around $2.00 here.

Kettle Roasted Nuts

At under $1.50, this amazing-tasting mix of nuts and seeds is not only very easy to put together but a festive, healthy, and traditional holiday gift. Get the price breakdown and recipe here.


These darling vintage-looking Christmas tins contain a lot of Vitamin C. They make unique, healthy, and festive neighbor Christmas gifts. See how to make them with 4-5 packets for under $2.00 each here.

Saltine Toffee

This well-loved saltine toffee is made with only a few ingredients. It is an impressive and delicious neighbor Christmas gift and costs under $1.50 for a fairly large plateful. Get the recipe and cost breakdown here.

Magnetic Mistletoe (Magnets) + Free Printable

This neighbor Christmas gift is useful, fun, and simple. It only costs about $1.00 each and come with a free printable that says, ” Use this magnetic mistletoe to attract kisses from the ones you love.”. Get the printable and details here.


Homemade Grape Jelly


My mom and I would make this homemade grape jelly out of the juice that she bottles from our grape vines. We would deliver it to our friends and neighbors sometimes at Christmas (she would rotate bread, jelly, and other homemade goods every year). My family loves my mom’s homemade grape jelly and our neighbors do too. Get the recipe on how to make grape jelly out of grape juice here.

Holiday-Shaped Pasta

This neighbor gift with holiday-shaped pasta is unique, classy, and festive. With its darling shapes and colors, it should appeal to both young and old. See how to assemble this gift for around $2.00 here.

Pretzel Sticks

Pretzels are widely-liked snacks and these sticks can also be used to build log-style gingerbread houses. The tin is reusable and cute and together they make a great neighbor Christmas gift. See how to make this gift (including the tin) for $1.98 each here.

Candy Canes

This is a festive, bright, and yummy Christmas neighbor gift in a darling box filled with mini candy canes for just over $1.00 each.

Red Pepper Jelly

Red Pepper Jelly is a holiday favorite for many people. Gifted in a jar with a beautiful Christmas ribbon it makes a great neighbor Christmas gift. See how to make these for under $2.00 here.

Peppermint and White Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn

Wow, this peppermint and white chocolate drizzled popcorn turned out good! It makes a classy and delicious neighbor Christmas gift for under $1.00. Get the cost breakdown here.

Frosty the Snowman Melting Candles

This snowman candle is another great gift for families with children as they get to watch Frosty melt. Get the supply list and how to make these for under $1.50 here.

Just Add Snow, Snow Cone Kit + Free Printable- 

Fair warning, this gift costs almost $4.00 each but if you can afford it, it does make a fun gift to give to your neighbors—especially if they have kids. This fun and vibrant “Just Add Snow”, shaved ice kit comes with cups, straws, and syrup. There is a free printable here that says, “Just Add Snow” and a, “Is snow safe to eat?” QR code.

A Puzzle

I gave a nice jigsaw puzzle to 67 of my neighbors with a bow. See how I was able to gift these for $2.83 each here.

Nice Looking Tree Ornaments

After spending Christmas in Germany, I love wood ornaments. I found these darling ones for an amazing price. They are the size of the palm of an adult hand and cost less than $1.00 each! Paired with a story, card, or even a treat, makes this a great gift for just about anyone.

To buy: Wood ornaments can be found here

No Bake Healthy Energy Bites

I got these dishes at a thrift store for .50 so this gift came in well under $2.00 each.

I think this would make a great neighbor gift because every single person I have given these bites to has asked me for the recipe.

They are beyond fantastic! They ride the line between sweet and healthy.  If you give these out as neighbor gifts, get ready to forward this recipe to your neighbors, family, and friends.

Monin Drink Flavoring 

These mini gourmet flavorings are beautiful and come in many fun festive flavors. Get the details and cost breakdown here.

Hand Sanitizer PocketBac Holder-


To Buy: Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works PLUS their glitter pocket hand sanitizer holder. Yes, you can buy both for under $2.00 (see this post on 67 neighbor gifts for under $100 for details here).

Nativity Statue

I was able to get these light-up beautiful Holy Family nativities for just over $2.00 each in an after-Christmas sale. Right now they are about $5.99 each. Get the details on where to find them and how to present them here.

Candy Dish

See how I delivered these beautiful candy dishes for under $2.00 here.

Classy Christmas Candies: Egg nog salt water taffy, Werther’s Original caramels, peppermint puff candy, buttermintsold-fashioned strawberry candy, and more.


This was a favorite Christmas gift I received one year as well.  I have since given these out as Christmas gifts as well.

The downside to caramel gifting is that making it homemade is very time-consuming. Store-bought caramel can be just as good, if not better than homemade, and can be assembled quickly in this beautiful way in a minute or two for about $2.00 each. She how to gift this delicious, soft, and buttery caramel for about $2.00 each here.


Homemade Bread

Growing up, my mom would often make small loaves of bread for neighbors for Christmas. I would often help her. I still remember it as a fun tradition. 

To Make: Small bread pans, a good bread recipe (banana bread, zucchini bread, peach bread), or this delicious-looking white bread.

 Kid Melt Bead/ Perler Bead Christmas Craft Pack—

For families with young children, you could gift them a unique craft. You could print off the free Christmas Perler bead printables here, add a square of parchment paper, and a Perler melt bead peg form with the beads. Then gift as many per family as each family has kids.

Although this would take a little bit of sorting and preparation, it would cost very little if you buy Perler/melt beads in bulk, a large roll of parchment paper, Christmas gift bags, and give one melt bead peg form per family (when I googled-shopped them in bulk I found them for .50-$1.00 each).




Homemade Turtles

To Make: chocolate, caramel, pecans, gift box. Delicious-looking recipe here.

Don’t miss this post with even more quick neighbor gift ideas for the holidays.

Pretzel Rods

These caramel chocolate pretzel rods are a delicious and festive treat that is sure to please.

To make: Gift Tin from Dollar Tree, sturdy pretzel rods, caramel, and chocolate. Recipe and instructions here.


I received a plant from a friend one Christmas and I still have it. It was my favorite neighbor’s gift that year. You can find plants in bulk for less than $2.00 each.

Click here for Cacti, or Succulents, or for Poinsettias try Lowes or Home Depot in December. They usually have trays with small poinsettias for under $2.00 a plant.

Wrap them in burlap with a string and viola! a classy neighbor gift for under $2.00. 



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I am always on the lookout for classy neighbor Christmas gifts for under $2.00 each. So, here are my favorite classy neighbor Christmas gifts I have given or received. #christmasgifts #neighborgiftideas


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Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

Thanks for sharing! I love that they have short material lists and are quick to assemble!


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

Thank you for the comment, yes simple is the best for the busy season.


Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

This is a great list! What a great way to save money & be conscious of the environment!


Thursday 14th of September 2023

Chocolate covered peanuts(crock pot candy) Chocolate covered cherries Warm socks


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

Great ideas! Thanks for the comment.


Friday 8th of September 2023

I bought the red Better Homes and Gardens spatula at Doolar Tree and put a tag on it - "Spread Kindness" , "Merry Christmas" and our names.


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

I love this idea. Thanks!

Mary Ann Ackerman

Thursday 9th of December 2021

Thanks for these fantastic ideas! I love them!! :)