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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book

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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book

Many people have traditions of reading one book a night in the month of December to their children. We try to do this at our home as well.

So, I love it when I am gifted Christmas books.

This is an easy, quick, and meaningful gift that will likely be kept by parents and grandparents for years to come.


It is very quick to put together.

It only took me a few seconds to put each one in a cellophane bag with adhesive on it. I show how I do this in the video.

A Christmas book is a great educational gift to show appreciation to neighbors and friends this holiday season. The problem is that they are typically quite expensive. 

However, if you look for after-Christmas sales, many stores have discounted inventory and are trying to get rid of Christmas books. I went to on Jan 2nd and searched the discounted Christmas books.

There were many books that ranged between $1.50-$3.00 each. So, I looked for a nice one that I liked. I did this by viewing sneak peeks of illustrations on Amazon.

Before I bought 46 of them, I bought the book on Kindle so that I could read the entire book before purchasing. I found that I loved it, the message, the illustrations, everything was just so great.

The illustrations are so, so pretty! The words are just the words to the song Silent Night. The book has animals in it and they are all being notified of the Lord’s birth. Then they are congregated at the end of the book overlooking a village with the Northern Lights in the sky.

It’s pretty.

So, I went back to my cart where I had placed 60 of them but in the process of looking around and reading the book many were bought and the number of books in my cart went down to 46. I was so sad.

However, I hurried and bought the 46 and then I was able to find another 14 on Target at a discount with a buy two get one free for just over $2.00 as well… I was happy that worked out!

My advice is to act fast when Christmas books get discounted and just save them for your neighbor’s gifts for the following year.

Supply List for this Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book

Christmas book. I choose Silent Night by Sara Giannassi Amazon or Walmart

Cellophane bag with adhesive strip. I got mine on Temu for less.

Cost breakdown of this Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book

Christmas book, Silent Night by Sara Giannassi = $1.99 each.

Cellophane bag with adhesive strip 9.8 x 13.7 inches= .07 cents each

Total cost for this neighbor gift: $2.06

How to Put Together this Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book

Continue reading and/or watch the video tutorial on how I wrapped these books.

1- Purchase discounted Christmas books after Christmas in large quantities and store them in a box until the next Christmas.

2- Put the book in a cellophane bag.

3- Wrap the book by tucking and folding the extra cellophane onto the back of the book.

4- Remove the cellophane strip and stick it on.

That’s it. It only took me a few seconds for each book. 

If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out this post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.


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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Christmas Book


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