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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Creamed Honey

Christmas Neighbor Gift: Creamed Honey

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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Honey Jar

If you have never tried creamed honey you need to. It is divine.

Creamed honey has such a light airy/whipped texture and is lovely on rolls, bread, toast, and more.

It also has a really pretty golden-yellow hue.

Bought on sale, you can gift these beautiful creamed honey jars to friends for about $1.80-$2.20 each. 

These are so easy to put together.

Each one only takes about a minute or two to assemble.

The attached wooden spoon, gold lid, gold curling ribbon, and jute string all look so pretty together with the creamed honey.

Supply list for these Christmas Neighbor Gift: Creamed Honey Jar

4 oz Mason Jar 

Gold rims regular mouth for 4oz mason jars

Gold lids regular mouth for 4oz mason jars 

Creamed honey 1 pound will make 4- 4 oz mason jars filled just under the rim (110-120 grams of creamed honey).

Jute twine

Gold curling ribbon

Spoons 50 for $12.00 Boao store light brown pack of 50

Food Scale

Cost breakdown for these Christmas Neighbor Gift: Creamed Honey Jars

4 oz Mason Jar -.10 at thrift stores .38 new bought online bulk at places like Fillmore Container or Burch Bottles=.38

Rims and lids regular mouth= Filmore container Burch bottles or I found a lid that is one piece for .27 cents each at

Creamed honey in bulk.

Buy for less than $5.70 per pound to make these under $2.50 each. = $1.40 for 110-120 g which fills a 4 oz jar up to just under the rim as shown in the photos on this page. I found Cox’s creamed honey on their website free shipping for $5.67 a pound.

These jars are filled between 110-120 g and four of these jars equals one pound. 

Spoons 50 for $12.00 Boao store light brown pack of 50= .24 each.

Curling ribbon gold .01 cent a foot= .01 each

Jute Twine=.005

The total cost for these darling creamed honey jars is = $2.31 if you buy jars and lids new. If you can find them at a thrift store for about .10 cents it would cost about = $1.78 if you find them at thrift stores or buy them second-hand.

How to put together these Christmas Neighbor Gift: Creamed Honey Jar

Continue reading and/or watch the video on this post to see how to assemble these creamed honey jars.

1- Using a food scale pour 110-120 g of creamed honey into a 4oz mason jar. 1 pound of creamed honey makes 4- 4 oz jars filled to just under the rim or 110-120 g.

2- Add the lid.

3- Tie the Jute string on and knot it.

4- Tie the curling ribbon on and knot it.

5- Add the wooden spoon and secure it with the twine.

That’s it they are so easy and quick to assemble and I for one would love to receive it for a Christmas neighbor gift. You could also pair this with a small loaf of homemade bread or these freezer rolls if you are feeling really ambitious.


If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out this post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.

Whether you have tried creamed honey or not this makes a great gift.

Share creamed honey goodness with others by making these neighbor Christmas gift creamed honey jars.

Merry Christmas and happy gifting.

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Christmas Neighbor Gift: Creamed Honey


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