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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Most kids and many adults love gumballs.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

They are so pretty in a clear cellophane bag and make a great Christmas neighbor gift—especially if they are bought in Christmas colors.

I love the fact that these gifts are very simple and quick to assemble.

Using the website that I mentioned in the cost breakdown below, each gumball is .08 or less.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Wrapped with a nice ribbon and matching bow, this gift looks beautiful.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Only a few supplies are needed.

Supply list for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs


Cellophane bags with bottom gusset

Christmas string

Optional- Mini Christmas wrapping bow, 1-inch

Cost Breakdown for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Gumballs I found them the cheapest at They were .08 each for the 1-inch red, green, and white.

They were only .05 for the gold

I put 23 gumballs into each bag 9 gold = $0.45 for each gift

and 14 of the other colors = $1.12 for each gift

You may be wondering why the white gumballs in the photos are smaller. This is because I decided I wanted to add white at the last minute so I bought the white off Amazon next-day delivery for .10 each here. However, they were not as good as the others so I’d recommend getting them all from Just Candy or another bulk gumball warehouse.

Cellophane bags with bottom gusset (I used 5.9 in x 9.8 in size). $0.10 for each gift.

Christmas string. = $0.02 for each gift

Optional- Mini 1-inch Christmas wrapping bows are .07 for each gift

The total for this gift = $1.75 each

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Directions on how to assemble this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

Continue reading the instructions below and/or watch the video of the assembly on this page.

1- All that is needed is to put gumballs in a bag and tie it with Christmas string.

2- If attaching the small bow, I’d run the Christmas string through one of the mini bow loops as it is easier than peeling off the sticky part of the bow plus, the mini bow is also sure to stay on the gift this way.

Sometimes the sticky part of these mini bows won’t stick to the cellophane so using the string to attach it is more secure.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs

If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out that post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.


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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Gumballs


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