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Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle.

Here are a few things I learned by gifting a jigsaw puzzle to 65 neighbors for Christmas.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

I’ll start by saying people love puzzles. I had no idea how many do. I heard back from so, so many people how much they loved the puzzle. And since it was sealed and unwrapped, those who didn’t like it could wrap and regift it to someone who does like it. 

So besides learning that most people love jigsaw puzzles, here’s what I learned…

Go with a lower count of puzzle pieces like 300 or 500.

I made the mistake of giving everyone 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles and while I heard from many, many people that they loved the gift, I also heard that the puzzle was really hard because of the higher piece count.

Choose an image that will appeal to most.

I chose this winter scene as it was the cheapest puzzle I could find that I felt would appeal to most of my neighbors.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle *Note that the main puzzle pictured on this blog post is a different puzzle from the one I gave out because I didn’t order enough and gave all of the 65 puzzles I had ordered out as gifts.

If you want to keep this affordable, search the internet regularly until you find a nice puzzle for around $2-$5 a box with a free shipping option.

I was able to get these high-quality puzzles that retail for $18.00 for $2.73 each (see cost breakdown below).

Only pick this as a neighbor gift if you have room in your home to store a few boxes of puzzles for multiple months.

Chances are you will find a good deal when it’s at least a month or longer before Christmas and puzzles in large quantities are bulky so just consider this when ordering.

Beware of puzzle bundle packs.

Some puzzle bundle packs look like they come in separate boxes, but unless the description clearly states that you are getting two separate and sealed boxes, the bundle packs usually come in one box together.

Finally, deal sites or Google Shopping can help you find a cheap puzzle. 

On Google Shopping just search jigsaw puzzle Christmas and have Google Shopping filter low to high on price. Subscribe to deal sites and put an alert for a puzzle if it has one.

Order a few for family as gifts too. These make great gifts for not just neighbors but for family as well.

My mom’s dad is a puzzle enthusiast and is always working on a puzzle.  My dad’s mom likes them too. So, I bought a puzzle for them and wanted to keep one for our family too.

My final tip is that if you find a deal as good as this one, order a few more puzzles than you think you’ll need.

As you can see I ordered 65. I thought that would be plenty.

I was short 2 puzzles so I gave out a few that were intended for others.

If you have extras you can always donate them to an assisted living facility if you do not end up gifting them. 

I like the saying, “It is better to have and not need than to need and not have”. 

Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

Supply List for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

A puzzle that is sealed is all you need. However, I did decide to add a bow from Costco on top.

Mini Christmas wrapping bow

Cost Breakdown for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

I found the best deal on my puzzles on Bits n Pieces. I purchased In the Still Light of Dawn 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles and while it’s $17.99 now, I found it for around $3.50 with coupons and free shipping it made it $2.73 each.

You’ll see on this invoice that I also purchased a few other puzzles these were also on sale but around $8.00 each. I bought these for my mom’s dad, and my dad’s mom, and for us at the same time. 



$234-$56= $178

$178/65 puzzles= $2.73 a puzzle

Mini Christmas wrapping bow = .10 for each gift.

Total for this gift: $2.83 each.

Directions on how to assemble this Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

You can wrap it, put a bow on it, deliver it as it is, or even tie a string around its corners. It’s up to you.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle

If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out that post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.


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Neighbor Christmas Gift: A Puzzle


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