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Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

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Candy Cane Kids Christmas Tablescape.

This is a kids’ candy cane Christmas tablescape that I designed.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

It is vibrant, bright, cheery, and fun.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

The tablecloths are disposable green foil metallic and have candy canes on them.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

The placemats are sparkle green and have

red and white starlight candy napkins, white plastic dinner plates, and a decorative plate on top. These decorative plates have candy canes on them.

I used these plates and napkins before on this Oh What Fun! Christmas tablescape for our family dinner. It was our last dinner before my older two kids left to their dad’s for the Christmas break.

It was a great dinner and felt extra-special because I had taken the time to decorate the table just for us.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

I had ordered 30 plates and 24 napkins so I had some left.

This candy cane Christmas tablescape took on an entirely different feel and look—all while utilizing a lot of the same items. and yes I have two of the same dinning table.

I push them together sometimes. It’s random but I wanted the same chairs for our counter top as we had for our table. I found them one lucky day on the local classifieds. It cost $250 for the 6 chairs and a table (used) and it was an exact match to ours so we just got the table and chairs together and kept the table too.

Sorry for that tangent… back to the candy cane tablescape.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

I didn’t like so much green so I tried staggering my red and white swirl placements every other with the green.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

But because the table runner is multiple red and white swirl napkins in a row, having the swirls as every other placement felt like “too much” swirl.

So I thought I was left with either all green or every other green and swirl alternating. However, both options felt too much and not enough simultaneously… 

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

So I tried something I rarely do— I upset the visual symmetry and I just put one swirl placement on each side of the table and as it turns out, I liked it.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Sometimes doing what you think you never will in design, works.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

This is such a vibrant and fun tablescape that switching it up and making it feel a bit ‘off’ works!

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

I switched up the table setting as well. I mixed plastic with real cutlery. 

Again, for some reason, it works.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

For the centerpieces I purchased these amazing green paper trees from Ikea.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

I have had my eye on them for months.

It was not until they recently discounted them by 50% that I purchased them though. 

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

I was happy they were still in stock.

I just couldn’t buy a $15.00 paper tree.

When they were $7.50, or $6.75 with a coupon that felt much better to me.

However, after seeing the quality in-store, I was so impressed, that I bought two.

I think I can say that if ever there was a paper tree that deserved to cost $15.00, this is it.

Anyhow, they are $7.50 online and in-store now.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

I hung candy canes that I had on hand from the trees.

I wanted to get more mini candy canes but the three nearest stores to me were sold out, so I just used the 6 mini candy canes that I had that weren’t broken; please pretend that there are more.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape



I had some fun candy cane sticks left over from this Christmas candy dessert board.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

 I put them in the three cute little glass trees that I also picked up at Ikea while I was there the other day.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

These were on sale with a coupon for $4.50 each.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

These glass jars are one of those items I think I’ll have for many, many Christmass’ to come.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

So, I bought three.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Supply List for this Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Green foil candy cane tablecloths x 2

swirl napkins used as a runner and 2 placemats

green glitter placemats

red and green tinsel garland

paper tree Ikea x 2

3 glass trees Ikea

candy canes regular size

candy canes mini

candy cane sticks

Cost Breakdown for this Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Place setting:

Swirl napkins/placemats and/or green sparkle =  0.25 after Christmas sale World market

White plastic dinner plates .20 each

Disposable Christmas plates- From Temu .35 each

Round candy red and white Napkins candy My Mind’s Eye—out of stock = .20 each

Flatware (had)

Clear cups Chinet = .10

Total cost $1.10 each x 8 = $8.80


Tablecloths = $1.00 each. I bought them at Dollar Tree years ago. I’ve saved them and reused them… yes I’m that cheap… well actually I do normally toss the plastic Dollar Tree tablecloths. I think I just saved these because I find them cute and unique and knew that they’d be discontinued—which they were.

Swirl napkins/sparkle placemats were 0.25 each at an after Christmas sale at World market x 5 = $1.25

Candy canes (had)

Candy sticks (had) 

red and green tinsel garland (had)

Paper Christmas tree Ikea  $6.75 x 2 = $13.50

3 glass trees Ikea $4.50 x 3 = $13.50 these may be an in-store only purchase as I cannot find them online.

 Subtotal = $30.25

The total for this tablescape = $39.05

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Directions on how to assemble this Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

Continue reading the instructions and you can check out the video of the tablescape on this page to see the tablescape on video.

1- Put the tablecloths onto the table.

2- Iron the swirl napkins, set them down in the center as a runner, and put one on each side of the table as a placemat.

3- Set up the paper trees from Ikea and decorate them sparingly with candy canes. You don’t want to overdo the candy cane theme by filling up the trees with too many candy canes. yes, my trees could use a few more minis but that is all they could handle. You want the trees to speak for themselves and stand out and not be drowned by the candy canes.

4- Set out the glass Christmas trees and put candy cane sticks in them. Again, go sparingly here as well. These glass trees are small and dainty and therefore they shouldn’t be weighted down visually by being jam-packed with candy canes. 

5- Run red and green tinsel garland down the center of the table, making sure to cover the bottom of the paper trees.

6- Set out the green sparkle placemats. I did 6 green and 2 swirls.

7- Set out the dishes, napkins, cups, etc. 

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape

That’s it.

Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape


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Candy Cane Christmas Tablescape




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