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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap.

We all use soap every day and in multiple areas of our homes. It can be pretty or mundane.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

It can leave a nice smell or be a bit unremarkable.

There is very expensive soap and some that cost very little.

One of my favorite hand soap is foaming hand soap. In particular, I love Bath and Body Works hand soaps.

However, these can be pricey ~$8.00 a bottle unless you follow the tips I share below on how I purchase hand soaps from Bath and Body Works for about $2.00 each.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

First, you need to subscribe to Bath and Body Works mailers. You should subscribe yourself and your husband or roommate or whomever else you can sign up so that you can receive a few coupons and make a few trips during their Semi-Annual sale and/or Black Friday sale.

Typically the mailers send you $10 off a $40 purchase and a free full-size lotion or soap coupon. In-store, you can use both in the same transaction!

Then you need to hold on to the coupon (that is good for the time frame of the big sales) and wait for that sale to begin. 

Their Semi-Annual Sale happens twice a year, in June and the day after Christmas. They begin online (beginning at 6 a.m. EST) and in-store at regular local store opening times. These Semi-Annual sales will run for about three weeks.

The January Semi-Annual sale often has Christmas soaps on sale for around $2.50 each.

There was a free shipping coupon code that briefly dropped during the summer sale which doesn’t always happen, but when it does it makes the prices on hand soaps available to most.

However, I like to shop in-store because you can get better deals (they discount items more) and also use multiple coupons at once.

You then buy 16 of these for $40.00 and get an additional 1 soap (for free if you have that coupon) and use the $10 off $40 coupon to get 17 soaps for $30.00= $1.76 a soap. In the store, you can use two coupons at once.

If you don’t want to store handsoap for neighbors for almost a year. Their soaps are typically discounted during the Black Friday sale down to $2.95 each. You’d need to purchase 14 to reach the $40 minimum to use your coupon for $41.40. Using a $10 off $40 coupon on 14 soaps + 1 for free (coupon stacked in-store)= $2.09 a soap.

Then you put your items in the car and if you need more soap you go through the line again. There are so many people in the store during these events I’ve never had an issue shopping and twice used both of my coupons that are mailed to us.

I say, if I were to need more than 30 soaps for neighbor Christmas gifts, it is often the case that you will receive a coupon in December that will work for the first part of the sale and then you will receive another one that will work for the latter part of the sale, thus you could shop the same sale multiple times with coupons. That isn’t always the case though. 

Another idea is to get the cheapest soaps without using a coupon and using a coupon on the variations that are a little more.

Finally, you can shop the semi-annual sale in January and June and Black Friday to stock up on enough soap for neighbor gifts.

This is how I purchase my Bath and Body Works soaps because I love using them and I don’t want to pay $7.95 each.

A quick note about ordering online. Bath and Body Works online shopping portal during Semi-Annual sales and Black Friday sales can be extremely frustrating. Their site is normally bombarded with people and so stock goes quickly.

Just know that if you put something in your cart it may be sold out by the time you check out and what is frustrating is that you will not be notified until the final step of the checkout process that it is not available… at which time you have to go back into the shopping portal and remove it and proceed through check out again at which time other items in your cart may be sold out and so on. This is another reason I shop in-store during the big sales. 

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

Supply List for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

Hand soap

Optional- ribbon, string, mini bow

Cost Breakdown for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

Hand soap is $1.76 if purchased with coupons at the Semi-Annual sale or $2.09 if purchased during the Black Friday sale.

Optional- Ribbon, mini bow, string, tag, etc.

Total for this gift= $1.76

Directions on how to prepare this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

If you have a pretty handsoap all you need to do is add a tag with a Merry Christmas and sign your name. You do not need more than that to make it beautiful and classy.

However, there are some options such as adding a mini Christmas wrapping bow and tying a ribbon around it. I’ve even been gifted hand soap wrapped in a nice cellophane bag with a ribbon and tag.

So, you do not need to embellish it much to make it look nice, however, if you want to and can afford to, go for it.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap

If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out that post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.


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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Soap


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