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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup.

Grade A maple syrup makes a very classy neighbor Christmas gift—especially when it is presented in a glass bottle with a pretty ribbon. 

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

One could even add a maple drop leaf candy on it for a fun and fitting accent.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

This maple syrup is Grade A with a light amber color and rich taste.

It comes from the state of Vermont.  

Grade A maple syrup is made by tapping maple trees in spring and giving the tree time to give enough drips of maple syrup to collect a large enough quantity to purify and bottle it for consumption.


Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

It is highly sought after by those who appreciate the flavor and can run upwards of a few hundred dollars a gallon.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

My kids love pure maple syrup and I buy it for them when I can find it at Costco or Sam’s Club for a reasonable price.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

When I saw that it was bottled affordably I thought it would be great for neighbor Christmas gifts. Here’s what you will need and some tips to get it as affordably as possible.

Supply List for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

Grade A maple syrup ~1.5 oz  in a bottle.

Maple Syrup Grade A in a leaf bottle Gold Curling ribbon .01

Optional- Maple leaf-shaped candy  .15 cents each or more

Optional- hole punch

Cost Breakdown for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

The cheapest I could find the maple syrup in a glass leaf bottle online is $3.30. If you are looking for the leaf bottles try:,, and a google shopping search.

The cheapest I have found about the same amount of Maple syrup in a normal/jug glass bottle is for $1.75 each if you purchase 96 bottles.


While most of my neighbor Christmas gifts cost around $2.00 each, this one was a bit more.

I ordered the cheaper maple syrup bottles that are not as pretty which were on sale for about $2.10 at World Market.

However, I was notified my order was read to pick up and when I arrived they had substituted them with the leaf bottles they had in stock as they did not have the glass jugs.

The leaf bottles are so darling and I had a coupon, so I just went with those.

I am just wanting to let readers know that you can find the maple syrup for less when you purchase the non-leaf bottles.

I also looked into purchasing the leaf bottles empty and getting maple syrup in bulk and filling them myself but this was not very much cheaper than buying them ready-made as the only suppliers of the glass bottles charged outrageous shipping charges.

So, for this Christmas Neighbor Gift total there is going to be a large range in the cost depending on selections you m ake.

If you go with the FullersSugarhouse plain bottles and order 96—yes that is a lot, these gifts will run you (depending on shipping) around $2.00- $2.50 each.

If you go with a glass leaf bottle from WayeesesFarms, depending on shipping, this gift will run about $3.50-$4.50 each.

World Market also sells the glass leaf bottles for $5.00 each. I bought them on sale with a coupon for $4.00.

I had the maple candies from a trip I recently returned from in Canada so I just put one on each bottle. You can purchase them on Amazon and while it is hard to tell how many come in a pack I imagine they cost about .15-.30 cents a piece.

Optional- Maple leaf-shaped candy  .15 cents each or more

Gold Curling ribbon costs .01

I apologize for the wide range in pricing for this gift.

Using my aforementioned tips, this gift will cost between $2.00-$5.00 depending on shipping charges, the type of bottle you choose, and whether or not you add a maple drop candy to it.

Directions on how to put together this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup

Continue reading and/or watch the quick video on how I put these together.

1- Tie a curling ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Optional- If adding a maple drop leaf candy, then using a hole punch, punch a hole in the plastic wrap that is the side large enough that when you punch the hole it will not open the seal to the candy.


If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out this post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.


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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Maple Syrup


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