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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts.

I love to find delicious, festive, and inexpensive gifts for neighbors each Christmas. 

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

This is a delicious kettle-roasted mix of nuts in a cute Mason jar accented with a gold lid, rim, and curling ribbon was a perfect fit for neighbor Christmas gifts.

Gifting nuts during the holidays is a very traditional gift, at least in the Western USA. So, I set out to find a great mix that would be fun for recipients to receive as well as taste delicious.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

I read reviews online of good nut mixes and came across the kettle-roasted Hunter’s Mix by Southern Style Nuts.

I read many reviews and the consensus among most of those who had tried it was that it is a delicious mix of nuts, seeds, and spices.

The recurring complaint in the reviews was that there were not enough cashews in this mix.

I thought this would be a very easy fix; all I would need to do was supplement the mix with cashews.

I found the mix and the cashews to cost about the same amount if I bought the Hunter’s Mix at Walmart and the cashews at Sam’s Club.

I mixed a full 30 oz of Hunter’s Mix nuts with about 16 oz or half of the salted cashews from Sam’s Club.

It turned out to be a great addition. This mix tastes great!

I think it would be well-received among neighbors. So I put it in a 4 oz jar. My 4 oz Mason jars only fit about 2.5 oz of nuts which helps keep costs down as well. 

I added a gold lid and rim and then I tied some jute twine and gold curling ribbon around the rim of the Mason jar.

It is a festive and pretty-looking jar of nuts and seeds.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts



Supply List for the Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

Jute twine

Gold curling ribbon

4 oz Mason Jar 

Gold rims regular mouth for 4oz mason jars

Gold lids regular mouth for 4oz mason jars 

Kettle Roasted Southern Style Nuts Hunter Mix


Cost Breakdown for the Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

4 oz Mason Jar .10 at thrift stores .38 new bought online bulk at places like Filmore Container or Burch Bottles = .38

Rims and lids regular mouth = Filmore container Burch bottles or I found a lid that is one piece for .27 cents each at


Curling ribbon gold .01 cent a foot= .01 each

Jute Twine=. 005 nominal, not even .01 each.

Whole cashews with sea salt 33 oz for $12.00 = .36 oz

Kettle Roasted Southern Style Nuts Hunter Mix 30 oz for $9.84= 0.32 oz 


Since I used more Hunter Mix than Cashews the total cost per oz of nuts is .33 x2.5 oz is all that will fit in a 4 oz jar.

The total cost for these nut jars = $1.32

If you can find them at a thrift store for about .10 cents it would cost about = $1.12 if you find them at thrift stores or buy them second-hand.

Directions on how to make the Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts

Continue reading and/or watch the video on this post to see how to assemble these nut jars

1- Pour 1 whole 30 oz jar of Hunter Mix nuts into a bowl and then pour about 1/2 of the 33 oz jar of cashews on top.

2- Scoop from the bottom of the bowl as you fill the 4 oz Mason jars so that you are getting a good mixture of nuts.

2- Add the lid and rim of the Maon jar.

3- Tie the jute string on and knot it. I trimmed off the excess to keep it looking simplistic.

4- Tie the curling ribbon on and knot it. I trimmed off the excess to keep it looking simplistic.

That’s it they are so easy and quick to assemble and I for one would love to receive it for a Christmas neighbor gift.

If you are looking for any other neighbor Christmas gifts for around $2.00 check out this post or this post about unique neighbor gifts as well.

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Nuts


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