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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel.

A hand towel is a very nice and practical gift for neighbors and friends during the holiday season.

Folded beautifully and wrapped up with a cute ribbon this makes a classy gift.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

This gift goes to prove that presentation adds a lot. I.E. throwing an unfolded ugly towel down on someone’s doorstep would not be well received.


However, choosing a nice quality and beautiful colored hand towel, folding it nicely (instructions below), and wrapping it with a pretty ribbon makes a gorgeous gift that almost anyone would appreciate.

This yellow 100% cotton hand towel with a red, green, and gold ribbon looks very nice.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

Another great thing about this gift, besides its being useful and pretty, is that it is very quick to assemble and costs less than $2.00 for a quality towel.

Supply List for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

Hand towel The ones I used are 16.0 Inch x 26.0 Inch and 100% Cotton

Ribbon– I love this ribbon as it matches the yellow towel.


Cost Breakdown for this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

Hand towel. I purchased mine on sale with a coupon at Smith’s here.

You can find many hand towels for less than $2.00 each. Just be sure to read the reviews because some are good quality and some aren’t. I found these to be of great quality. They are 16.0 Inch x 26.0 Inch and 100% Cotton = $1.84 each with a coupon

Ribbon.06 exact here

The total for this gift = $1.90 each

Directions on how to assemble this Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel

Continue reading and/or watch the video on how I folded these hand towels.

1- Take off all of the tags. Make sure to find and remove the little plastic ones that can be sharp once cut.

2- Trim any pulled thread.

3- Open the towel lengthwise and fold it three ways. In the video on this page, mine was already tri-folded.

4- Now, lengthwise, fold each end to meet in the middle.

5- Fold it shut so that the edges are hidden.

6- You will now loosely fold it over one last time. However, when you are folding it over you will stagger the edges so that it makes a tri-fold-looking design. If this is confusing, please watch the video that shows me folding it.

7- Tie it with a ribbon that looks nice with the color of the towel you have chosen to gift. Trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle. 

IMPORTANT TIP– If you choose a light-colored towel, be sure that your ribbon won’t bleed or rub off color onto it. Test with a scrap white towel you may have in your home by rubbing the ribbon against the towel to make sure it won’t bleed onto the nice new hand towels you are gifting.

That’s it, now you have a neighbor’s Christmas gift that is not only useful but also beautiful for just a dollar or two each.

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel


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Neighbor Christmas Gift: Hand Towel


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