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Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit

Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit

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Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit.

This bowl of fruit makes a great neighbor gift. 

It is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to show appreciation for your friends and neighbors this holiday season. 

I love the idea of gifting fruit to neighbors in December because it is healthy and comes in a useful bowl. 

I think red, green, and yellow fruit look prettiest.

So, I added a few apples, tangerines/clementines/oranges, and a pomegranate to this bowl of fruit.

You only need a few supplies to make these.

Supply List for this Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit



Cellophane 2 mil or thicker

Ribbon (3 varieties of gold shimmer, red ribbon, and red gold snowflakes)


How to make this Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit

Continue reading and/or watch the video on how to assemble this gift.

1- Place the heaviest and largest fruit in the bowl first, then put the smaller fruit around it.

2- Roll out the cellophane and measure it so that you cut a large enough piece that you can cover the bowl, and fruit, and still tie it at the top.

3- Bunch the cellophane at the top of the fruit bowl and tuck in the sides—see the video to see how I tucked in the sides if you are not sure how to do this.

4- Tie the ribbon around the cellophane and if desired curl the ribbons.

5- Using a scissor blade rip the ribbon down the flat side of it quickly in order to curl it. I curl on the opposite side as the existing curl so that it makes loose curls and not tight curls. Experiment with doing this before you wrap if you do not know how to curl ribbon using scissors.

Cost of this Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit

Bowl- heavy-duty plastic, thrift store, or IKEA .79 cents. I used an Ikea for .79

2 clementines = .30 total at .85 cents a pound

2 apples = .30 total at $1.00 a pound

Add another fruit…something on sale like a pomegranate. Smith’s had these on sale for .99 each plus I had a $4.00 off $20.00 worth of produce which brought the total on all of this down slightly. 

If you have access to a pomegranate bush, apple tree, etc. this would be even cheaper.



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Neighbor Christmas Gift Bowl of Fruit



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