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67 Neighbor Gifts for under $100

67 Neighbor Gifts for under $100

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This year I was able to buy 67 Neighbor Gifts for under $100. Here’s how…

I love posting neighbor gift ideas because it is not always easy finding nice items that are low stress for a reasonable cost. This is my Neighbor Gift 2021.

I have a popular post with a list of many Classy Neighbor Gifts for Under $2.00 here.

I purchased 67 sets of these hand sanitizers plus their holders for less than $100.

I bought the PocketBac Hand Sanitizers from Bath and Body Works for 0.85 each.

They were on sale for a $1.00 each— they go on $1.00 sales a few times a year. I bought them in October. I used my October $10 off $40 coupon (you can subscribe to Bath and Body works to get these coupons mailed to you). With this coupon I was able to buy 67 sanitizers for $56.

These retail for about $1.95 each so a total of $131.00. To get them for so much less was a great deal!

On the Bath and Body Works Black Friday sale I went into the store and bought holders for .65 cents each. They retail for $1.50 each. On sale they were Buy 3 Get 3 Free making them .75 cents each. Then I used another $10 off $40 coupon to get 67 for $40.00.

I gave them to 65 families in our neighborhood and kept a few for ourselves. I have heard back from many saying thank you and that they love Bath and Body Works sanitizer.

I love this sanitizer their sanitizer as well! It is smooth and dissolves fast and depending on the scent smells delicious.

Another benefit to Bath and Body Works is that if you don’t like the smell of something you have bought or been given, you can exchange it for a scent you do like.


The pocketbak holder is great quality!

I’ve used it for a few years and it holds up really well. It is very convenient snapped on to purses, backpacks and other items. 


My kids watched a Christmas movie and put the sanitizers into the pocketbac holders for me. 

Then I drove the neighborhood while they ran the gift and a card to each family’s doorstep and knocked or rang the doorbell.

I have a few posts of easy inexpensive neighbor gifts. This one was very easy to deliver as well, so I’ve added it to the list.

Do you have any ideas of classy, inexpensive and low stress gifts to give out to neighbors that are around $2.00 or less? If so, please comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas and possibly add them to this popular post!

I hope this 67 Neighbor Gifts for under $100 gives you an idea of what you can give away to your friends and neighbors that is useful, classy, high quality and won’t be overly expensive to buy in mass quantities.

Merry Christmas!

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