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Just Add Magic Spice Jar Box

Just Add Magic Spice Jar Box

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This is how to make a Just Add Magic Spice Jar Box as a birthday party favor.

We made these small spice boxes as favors to send with the party attendees who came to my daughter’s Just Add Magic Birthday Party. They were inexpensive and simple to make.

These spice boxes went with the Just Add Magic cookbooks we made. 

Just Add Magic Spice Jar Box Supply List

Small wood boxes (that will fit the glass jars purchased). I found the ones we used at Dollar Tree.


I wish I would have seen these ones (online)…they would have matched the theme even better.


glass bottles (9 fit into each of the wood boxes) Dollar Tree has them as well.

sprinkles (colored and black)



pink food coloring

peppercorn kernels


baking powder


small funnels

toothpicks (to help get stuff that gets stuck in the funnel into the glass jars)

Gold vinyl. 12×180 was more than enough (probably twice as much as I needed) to make 13 binders and 15 spice box decals with some left over. I thought I was buying the shimmer but I got the matte. I would have preferred the shimmer/metallic gold vinyl.


Word document from this Etsy seller

Cricut cutout/SVG File-Free Download here


Aged Paper

Mod Podge

Foam brushes 

I used this treasure chest as a larger spice box on the party table. 

This treasure chest has come in handy! We used it for my daughter’s mermaid party, our Halloween Witch-Themed mantel, my kid’s medieval party and more!

How To Make a Just Add Magic Spice Jar Box

First, my daughter and I made pink Lavonian sugar. 

To do this I just added pink gel food coloring to sugar. 

Stir well and add more as needed. It only took about 1 drop of food coloring per 2 cups of sugar.

Then using small funnels (tiny ones came with the amazon jar set and I had small in my kitchen that we used as well) and toothpicks (for when the spices got stuck in the funnel), we put sugar, spices, and sprinkles into the jars.

I found the jars at Dollar Tree and on Amazon.

I found 3 different sizes of Jars at The Dollar Tree. Each being about .15 cents or less. I got this variety kit on amazon that came with funnels.

I added one pepper kernel to the smallest jars for the morbium and put one in each spice jar box.

We put brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, sprinkles, pepper, pink sea salt, and baking powder to the jars.

Next, I cut on my Cricut in gold vinyl the Just Add Magic cookbook decal and attached it to the back of the box. 

NOTE- If you use these Dollar Tree wooden boxes, keep the case and drawers together. They vary in size and it took us a long time to match them all up when we separated them from each other.

My kids and I fit 11 jars all into each box. 

For one of the activities we did at the party, the girls painted their spice boxes and put jewels and things on them using paint brushes. I used a glue gun to help secure gems that I had also gotten from The Dollar Tree. 

At the time I threw this party, I had a 2 month old, a 20 month old and two older kids to care for; I wanted to label them individually but I ran out of time. Plus, we invited 14 girls to the party and with 11 jars each it was just too much for us to add labels to each 154 jars. 

Had I had more time, I would have mod podged labels on to the jar. Similar to these bottles that I made for my Witch-Themed Halloween mantel

It was so easy to do and came together quickly.

All you do is put mod podge on the jar, adhere the label/printed paper to it and put mod podge over.

Let it dry. If it isn’t glued down well, you may need a second coat of Mod Podge. 

I think they turned out great!

It was fun to repurpose the spices I had used at the Just Add Magic Birthday party food table for this Witch Themed Halloween Mantel.

So, if you are feeling ambitious. To do this, I would use any one of these fonts listed below and paper from this Aged Paper. You can find Halloween scrap book paper and cut out fun graphics as well.

The kids all really liked having their own cook book and spice jar. A few of my daughter’s friends made recipes from them which is so cute!

They were inexpensive to put together (each box costing about $2.00), and I think they turned out so cute!


As mentioned, decorating them also made a great activity to do during the party.

I hope this helps many of you who have emailed me about putting on a Just Add Magic party and creating Just Add Magic Spice Jar Boxes as well.



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Just Add Magic Spice Jar Box



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