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How to Make a Wreath Out of Real Pine Branches

How to Make a Wreath Out of Real Pine Branches

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This is How to Make a Wreath Out of Real Pine Branches…

This wreath did not cost me anything to make and I love the way it turned out!

The fact that my entire front door porch decor this Christmas only cost me $10 to put together also makes me happy—I love free decor (and repurposing what I have).

I used pine branches to make this wreath. I was going to trim my own pine trees until I saw that my neighbors had trimmed their pine trees and were going to throw their branches away. When I asked, they were happy to give them to me.

I was able to make this front porch decor and wreath out of all the pine branches I got from them.

I picked up pine cones from under my pine trees to use in both the display and wreath as well.

After decorating for Christmas each year, I usually have a bin of items I did not use to decorate. So, I looked in this bin and was able to find the C3 battery string lights and some ornaments to use on this wreath.

I wanted to match the wreath to the front door Christmas decor so I decided I’d use little red ornaments that I had left over from my Santa-Themed Tree.  I also used the same ornaments on this Kid’s Christmas Tablescape. I originally bought them at a garage sale for $1.00 a package and this is my third time using them! 

The wreath form was bought at Dollar Tree. Whenever I see them there, I pick up a few and put them in my craft supplies so I have them on hand to make wreaths. I was able to use one that I picked up a while ago.

I also had the wire, tools, hot glue gun, and glue sticks.

So for me, because I had almost everything on hand and got the rest from the great outdoors, this wreath did not cost me anything. 

Supply List for How to Make a Wreath Out of Real Pine Branches

Pine branches—  You can get these by cutting branches off pine trees (haha)—please research how to do this properly before trimming your pine trees... or ask for free branches from a neighbor or at a Christmas tree lot—often they have extra lying around.

Pine cones. I picked mine up from my yard under our pine trees.

Floral wire 22 gauge

battery powered c3 Christmas lights

mini red ornaments

glue gun and sticks

round metal wreath form


pruning shears

door wreath hanger (this is the one I use and love it)


gloves (Wearing gloves helps to guard against sap and scratches).

Instructions for How to Make a Wreath Out of Real Pine Branches 

Continue reading or watch this video to see how. Also, please note that the photographs were taken from the video as still shots, this is why they are not the best quality.

  1. Gather pine branches and cut them to length. I think I used about 7 full branches that were a foot and a half long.
  2. Create a bunch/pile of layered short pine branches and wrap them together with wire.
  3. Fasten the first bunch to the wreath by wrapping wire around the bunch of pine and the metal form. I usually wrap twice.
  4. Continue adding short pine branches to the wreath and wrapping the wire around it. Do not cut the wire between wraps; leave it as one long piece (it is easier to use and more secure this way).
  5. When you have made your way around the wreath to the first bunch you secured on the wreath, tuck in pine branches underneath saw the start bunch and wrap with wire. 
  6. Use a hot glue gun to glue a few pine branches down to conceal the final wire. 
  7. Turn the wreath over and form the wire into a loop (if you need one to hang it). Once you ensure you have enough wire to make the loop is when you’ll cut the wire.
  8. Shake the wreath and secure any loose pine branches.
  9.  Place pine cones on the wreath and hot glue them into place.

    I find getting a few large ones and creating a focal point at the base of the wreath helps with interest.
  10. String a light string (battery-powered) on the wreath and secure it on the back with wire.
  11. Glue small ornaments onto the wreath as desired using hot glue.
  12. Using hairspray, spray the wreath very well. You can also do this step before adding lights and ornaments if desired. I liked the texture of the hairspray left on the glass ornaments however, that is a personal preference.
  13. Hang the wreath on a door using a wreath hanger.


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