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An Easy Way to Give and Save Simultaneously

An Easy Way to Give and Save Simultaneously

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An Easy Way to Give and Save Simultaneously Years ago, during a very cold winter, I went to a church activity and there was a guy there who had no coat. He was very thin, had on a thin shirt, and I could tell he was trying to hide the fact that he was shivering.

I knew him pretty well so I felt comfortable asking him, “Why aren’t you wearing a coat?”. His response was very humbling, “Because I don’t have one”.  I told him I had a few snowboarding coats (since I went up to the mountain almost every day) and that I’d give him one of mine. I asked him if he was coming to the activity in two days and he said he was.

I didn’t realize when I had asked the question but I found out through asking a close friend afterwards that he was from a very humble family who didn’t have much.

As soon as I got home I found a nice men’s snowboarding coat that I rarely used and put it in my car.

At the activity two days later I saw him he immediately smiled and came up to me, wearing a thin long sleeved shirt and asked, “Did you by chance remember to bring that extra coat you have?”. I said, “Yes! I just left it in my car, I’ll go grab it.” So I went and got it for him. It fit great and he was so happy to have a stylish, nice, and warm coat. Whenever I saw him that winter, he was always wearing that coat.

It feels so good to give to someone in need…especially when they are physically uncomfortable and by giving it remedies their discomfort.

When I heard that Burlington was collecting good quality used coats to donate to the community I was super excited to take part. I posted on Facebook asking neighbors and friends if they had any coats they’d like to donate. I was able to collect 6 coats and my friend is dropping off 3 herself.

I love giving, especially during the winter because needs for warmth, food, housing, clothes, and funds are usually at their greatest. With more than 45 million Americans living in poverty and temperatures dipping below freezing, the need for warmth is great and coats are a must! It’s really a great thing to give a coat to someone who is cold and I think it is awesome that Burlington has donated over 1.3 million coats to those in need in the local communities!

Save and give at Burlington

I made a video of the process. Side note- I just had a baby a month ago so I really didn’t want to be filmed, but since it was such a great cause and I thought a video would really add to how easy donating a coat at Burlington really is, I made one!


An Easy Way to Give and Save Simultaneously

Donate a gently-worn coat at your nearby Burlington (Find the nearest store here)  if/when you donate a coat, tell us why you are donating on social media using #CoatNotes and your picture could appear on Good Morning America.

Donate a gently-worn coat at your nearby Burlington to help those locally in need. And when you do, receive Burlington’s thanks – 10% off your entire purchase.

Burlington, a national off-price retailer offering style for less with up to 65 percent off department store prices every day, continues to help local communities stay warm with their annual Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Coat Drive. Donated coats stay locally within each store community and are given to those most in need. With each coat donation, customers receive 10% off their entire purchase as Burlington’s thank you. A great way to give back and save money at the same time! Visit the Coat Drive site to learn more and where you can donate by 1/19/2015.

Burlington Stores sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Thursday 8th of January 2015

What a great cause. I agree the need for clothing is so important during the winter months. My dad is in upstate New York and recently told me a similar story. He saw a woman wearing a short sleeve shirt on a very cold day and when he asked why she wasn't wearing a coat she replied that she didn't have one. He told her to go inside and pick one out and he would buy it for her. He said the smile on her face was heart warming :)

Anita Fowler

Thursday 8th of January 2015

Thanks Aria that is a very sweet story. It is such a great cause. Thanks again!