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Garage Sale Haul 1

Garage Sale Haul 1

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Early one Saturday morning I was searching on the local garage sale classifieds for good sales. I saw an ad from a lady who was selling, “a lot of designer clothes, bags, home decor, and more.” She mentioned she was a shopaholic and getting rid of clothes (many were still new with tags) at ‘garage sale’ prices.

I texted her and asked her what size the clothes were. She had a wide range S-L. I got in the car with my kiddos and went over to see what I could find.

I was pleasantly surprised to see clothes on racks, in boxes, and many piles of clothing. I also noticed nice home decor, kitchen supplies, and even a like-new genuine leather recliner. When I began asking her the prices of items and realized they were very reasonable, I began collecting things I wanted, thought were cute, or thought I maybe would be able to resell.

(Note: I will mention a lot of brand and designer names below. I really don’t care too much about brand names. I just really appreciate quality items that last and will wear well. Designer items are not always, but are often a good indication of quality.)

Some of the things I bought:

Garage Sale Haul 1

A genuine Dooney & Bourke purse, Juicy Couture purse, and Coach purse!

Garage Sale Haul 1

3 genuine leather belts

Garage Sale Haul 1

7 dresses and 6 skirts

Garage Sale Haul 1

2 ponchos, 1 scarf, a few jackets.

14 T shirts (JCrew, Free People, Fossil, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc.)

Garage Sale Haul 1

9 Sweaters and Cardigans (JCrew, FRDM, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, etc.)

Garage Sale Haul 1

8 dressy shirts

13 tank tops to wear under a cardigan or something

Garage Sale Haul 1

4 Home decor items

Garage Sale Haul 1 8 Kitchen items including a beautiful platter that retails for $40 or more.

The leather recliner I purchased was $30.00—originally over $400!

So I paid $140.00 for about $3,000 worth of items.

I really hit the jackpot that day. I have had similar days (you’ll see more than I post about). Other days out I have much smaller hauls. Small or big, garage sale-ing is worth it, as I find inexpensive treasures almost every time I go!

Garage Sale Haul 1

If you are wondering how to garage sale efficiently. Check out this post here.

15 Garage Selling Tips and Strategies

Happy Garage Sale-ing!!


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Garage Sale Haul 1



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