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Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

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Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

I just learned about the amazing brand, Green Toys, and I am NOT being compensated by their company to write this.

They make their toys from recycled plastic. They are high quality and really durable.

Green Toys wagon Easter basket

My kids played with their Green Toys tide pool sand toy and watering pail sets the whole week we were in Hawaii and they held up amazingly well—even to thick heavy sand.

My kids enjoy playing at the beach

Amazon was having some sales on Green Toys, so I figured it would be a great Easter Basket idea or birthday gift for a baby or toddler.

Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

Supply List for Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

Green Toys Wagon

Green Toys Submarine

Green Toys Paddle Boat

Green Toys Airplane (fire fighter)

Plastic Easter Eggs

As of posting this (April 2022) all of the Green toys linked to in this post are still marked on sale and at similar prices as I bought them for and offer free shipping for Prime members.

A few easy tips on Saving Money on Easter Baskets…

I look for items that are on sale (~50% + off) to put in my kids’ Easter baskets.

I also don’t add candy as they get enough in the Easter Egg hunt, plus it saves on expense. 

I reuse Easter baskets year to year or use the toy itself to hold the items to further save.

I find nice Easter baskets at thrift stores (for about .50-$1.00 each).

I keep and reuse the Easter eggs and Easter grass that are added as filler make the baskets more economical as well.

Putting together this Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

The wagon is so cute and was only $12.00, plus it also doubles as the Easter basket itself.

I know my son will love filling it with items and pulling it around.

Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket

The submarine was on sale for $7.00.

It has great reviews for playing in water with it.

Easter basket submarine

The paddle boat was $7.00 on sale and is also a great water toy.

Easter basket paddle boat

The airplane was $6.00 on sale and the details of the cockpit are pretty cute! 

Inexpensive Easter basket

I love how sturdy and high-quality these toys are.

There are easily-held handles on all of them.

As mentioned, these toys hold up really well under a lot of play.

They are also BPA and phthalate free and usually dishwasher safe.

Green Toys Wagon Easter basket

I threw in some plastic Easter eggs to make it feel more Easter-ish. I got them for $1.00 at Walmart.

Total for this Green Toys Easter Basket was about $33.00.

For a wagon and 3 large toys that will last many years, I think that $33.00 is a good deal.

Fun and inexpensive Easter basket

Since I already had an Easter basket made for my one year old son this year (see all four of my kids’ Easter baskets here), I gave this to him for his birthday present; he just turned one this month (April 2022).


Birthday gift

So far he has enjoyed playing with the toys.

I know he will love pulling around his wagon full of items.

I imagine he and his older siblings will play with the other toys in the bath, pool, lake and beach for years to come.

Candy free Easter basket

I hope this gives you an idea for a fun toddler or baby boy Easter basket or birthday gift.

Easter basket for toddler


I hope these tips help you create a fun and inexpensive Easter basket for your kids too.


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Green Toys Wagon Easter Basket


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