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Minimal Easter Tablescape

Minimal Easter Tablescape

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Minimal Easter Tablescape

Minimal Easter Tablescape

We had an impromptu dinner with family the other day.

This really was a last minute dinner, my husband planned it with his father and I only got word we were hosting a few hours before our family arrived.

I love to decorate tables when I host.

So, despite the short timeframe, I decided to make this “Minimal Easter Tablescape’ for the adults’ table.

Inexpensive Minimal Easter Tablescape

It was next to the Kids’ Easter Tablescape.

Minimal Easter Tablescape

You can check out the kids’ tablescape by clicking on the image below. I hadn’t planned the adult’s tablescape but I was planning the kids Easter tablescape in my mind for awhile.

I thought I’d probably set it up for another day, but since we may or may not host in April, I decided to do it now.

Kid's Easter Tablescape

I spent most of my time decorating the kids’ table and cleaning our home up (that mad dash of last-minute-cleaning, yes that was what I was doing).

Once I got around to decorating the adults’ table, I only had a few minutes to put it together.

This Minimal Easter Tablescape was very easy and inexpensive. Colorful Easter Eggs

Had I had more time, I could’ve put something a little more elaborate together, but for me, it was a success mainly for its simplicity, speed of coming together and price tag.

I just pulled items that I had around the house to decorate the table with. In the end, I was pretty happy with the result.

If you are wondering where the flatware is, it was by the food on our kitchen counter top and I didn’t have time to move it over before taking photos (as family had arrived by the time I finished).

Minimal Easter Tablescape

Supply List for this Minimal Easter Tablescape

As mentioned, I didn’t buy anything specifically for this tablescape because I didn’t know we were going to host an Easter dinner. So, I’ll just link to where I originally got the items from or list the store.

Kate Spade grey and white stripe tablecloth —purchased new at a garage sale for a few dollars years ago.

2 speckled pots— Target

Little vases— Target

Bunny Tails —  Amazon

Speckled eggs Dollar Tree (4 packs of 6)

Wooden eggs — Amazon

Vases larger white (I don’t remember where it came from) and pink—Mark & Graham

White miniature bunnies—Target

Bunny design napkin

Scalloped rim edge plastic clear plates—Walmart clearance

Target bunny napkins $1.00 for 6.

Plastic glasses ( I don’t remember where I bought them)

Plastic plates white— Costco

1 strand of 3 yards of floral white pip berry roping  I had. I purchased mine for .50 cents during the after Christmas sale at Joann’s.

Minimal Easter Tablescape - berry roping

Some of these items that are new-ish were recently bought for Easter decoration.

For example, my daughter and I decoupaged some of the wooden Easter Eggs. See tutorial on how to decoupage wooden Easter eggs here.

I put five of them on this Easter tablescape.

Wooden Easter egg

I put out the extra napkins that were bought to decopauge Easter eggs on this tablescape and the kids’.

Table napkin

I filled some pots that I plan to use for my Easter front door decor with Dollar Tree and wooden eggs.

Easter eggs

Then, I filled some vases with bunny tails, set out some glass miniature bunnies from this Easter mantel, and ran a strand of pip berries down the middle (reused from this garland).

That was it. 

At first, my husband was like, “Why are you decorating the table? We don’t have time.” When I told him that besides visiting when hosting, decorating to host was my favorite part. After that, he understood and was supportive. 

Overall, it was pretty much free to gather items from around the house and set them out in a way that I felt looked nice for a minimal Easter Tablescape.

Minimal Easter Tablescape

You don’t always have to spend a lot of time, money, or effort when you host.

Sometimes little objects you already have can be arranged together to make a simplistic tablescape.

Happy Easter!


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Pretty and Simple Easter Tablescape


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