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Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

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This is my Modern Rustic Easter Mantel decor that I made for Easter this year.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

I like to switch out my decorations and do something unique each holiday. I do make use of what I have, but I often add to it. 

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

This year, I added a few floral stems that I dried from my yard, Bill button floral stems, vases, candle holders, a carrot banner, carrots and small bunny figurines.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

While that sounds like quite a bit to add, I made and/or purchased these items very inexpensively.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Supply List for this Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

My daughter and I made this pipe cleaner carrot bunting.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

We used things around the house and it did not cost us anything to make this carrot bunting.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel


For the bunting you will need green packaging paper, orange pipe cleaners, twine and hot glue.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

For the rest of the mantel these are the supplies I used…

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Billy button stems (I used half of this bundle)

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Green moss bunnies $1.50 each at Target (similar here)

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Aspen candle holders (tutorial on how to make these). You can purchase similar here.

Aspen candle

Mini vases $1.00 each at Target. I had one mini glass/clear vase that I had on hand which I used.

Mini Vases

White glass bunnies $1.50 or $3.00 each (depending on size) at Target. Similar here

What glass bunnies

Bunny tails (I had these). Similar can be found here.

Bunny tails

Easter basket (I had this). 

Easter basket

Crate/wood box purchased at Dollar Tree

Wood box

Twine wrapped carrots 4 packs of five carrots purchased at Dollar Tree

Table candles

Taper candles purchased at Dollar Tree for this tablescape.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel table

Dried floral cream colored. This floral was free, I got it from my yard for these floral arrangements.

Dried floral

Watering vase was purchased at Target for $3.00. A similar one can found here.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel watering vase

I put both the Billy Button stems and dried floral stems in the watering vase for added height and texture at the end of the mantel.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Floral foam 

To make the bunny tails stand up straight out of the Aspen candle stick holders, I stuffed them with a tiny bit of floral foam. I had the foam on hand and just broke off a little from blocks of foam I had and stuffed it in. Then I added the bunny tails. The floral foam held the bunny tails well.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

I did this because I just thought the variety of mixing up candles and dried floral in the Aspen vases was a nice touch.


Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

That’s it for the supply list for this Easter mantel.

Total Cost for this Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

I purchased the twine-wrapped-carrots and wooden box for some of the carrots from Dollar Tree (before the price increase) for $5.00.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel - bunnies, vases

I went to Target to the dollar section and bought multiple vases, moss bunnies, glass bunnies, a watering vase for about $40.00.

I ordered billy buttons off Amazon I used 26 stems total of $10.00

I found things I already had (Easter basket, DIY Aspen candlestick holders with candles, bunny tails, dried floral, and a clear vase).

This Easter mantel cost $55.00 to make. I will be able to use the items I purchased for many different decorating projects in the years to come.

How to Put together this Modern Rustic Easter Mantel

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel can be done in 15 minutes

I arranged the items, vases, bunnies, floral stems and candle sticks as I thought looked good, I tried to create different heights, textures and groups of varying items.

To keep it modern looking I used just a few springs of floral stems in the small vases. 

For added interest, I added a statement piece that was to scale (slightly larger than the rest of the items on the mantel) on each end of the mantel. This was the small easter basket on the left and the watering vase on the right.

My daughter and I made a carrot bunting and hung that on the wooden mantel beam.

Modern Rustic Easter Mantel setup in 15 minutes

This mantel came together in about 15 minutes once I had all of the supplies ready and made.

It was really easy to assemble, it just took a little time purchasing everything I wanted to use and the making of the bunting.

That’s how I made it.


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