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Natural Dried Floral Arrangements

Natural Dried Floral Arrangements

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These Natural Dried Floral Arrangements are inexpensive and easy to make.

I made these natural dried plant arrangements from dried flowers, grass, plants, and weeds that I picked and dried myself (except the cotton which I bought 50% off at Hobby Lobby).

They cost very little and add a beautiful look to my Thanksgiving Sisal Animal Mantel.

They can be made taller, or shorter, thinner or wider.

You can add more tans or more browns but I liked the mixture of the tans and browns.

Supply List for Natural Dried Floral Arrangements

Instructions on How To Make Natural Dried Floral Arrangements

1-Pick a variety of plants, berries, fall flowers, reeds, and grasses. Tip- Take gardening shears with you.

2- Hair spray anything that is fragile and let the hairspray dry. I set my plants to the side to dry a few days; I do not know if that is necessary—it is just what I did.

3- Put floral foam in copper vases. Using a serrated knife, I cut each floral foam (2.6″x3.4″x7.8″) block in half. I fit half of the block in the vase and then cut the other 1/2 into smaller pieces to fit them into the gaps/edges.

4- I placed three cotton stems into each vase first and fluffed them out.

5- Next I placed the giant reeds and curly dock. Once the larger/thick stems were placed,

6- I began filling around with plants that I had gathered and dried. Place the fragile and thinner grasses, bunny tails, fescue, etc. into the arrangement inner (longer) to outer/close to the rim (shorter). This adds dimension and contrast.

7- I worked in an organized even fashion placing a few stems of one variety in both of the copper vases; this is so they looked balanced and even.

8- Next, I sprayed the arrangement with hair spray to help it hold.

9- The arrangements were a bit top heavy so I put small rocks that would fit in between the stems in the vase to keep it balanced.

Then I placed them on both sides of my Thanksgiving Sisal Animal mantel.

I had all of the items except the cotton stems which I purchased on sale for about $4.00 each. So, each arrangement cost me a total of $12.00.

Using fall grass, reeds, fescue, etc. that I found outside and vases I already had helped keep these Natural Dried Floral Arrangements affordable.

I have had fun drying outside foliage for fall projects this year. I made these Tall Autumn Arrangements and this Autumn Dried Plant Wreath  using mostly plants that I picked ‘harvested’ outside and dried.

Harvesting outside plants and making arrangements yourself is a great way to make large, full arrangements that are affordable.

These Natural Dried Floral Arrangements were fun, easy, and affordable to create.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Make a Natural Dried Floral Arrangements



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