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How to Make Money from Your Old Phones, Tablets, & Smartwatches

How to Make Money from Your Old Phones, Tablets, & Smartwatches

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Years ago, I bought a cell phone off of a local classified. Turns out, when I went to activate it, I had purchased a stolen phone! In an effort to be a good person, I contacted Verizon and somehow got a hold of the gentleman who owned it. Well turns out the police were looking for the thief I purchased the phone from because he used a gun to steal it from the owner. I worked with the police to find the man. Then the police posed as another ‘buyer’ and caught him.

The story doesn’t end there. They needed me as a witness to testify that he sold the phone to me. So I went to the courthouse and testified. My testimony verified he had sold it to me. The gentleman who had the phone stolen from him due to armed-robbery also verified him as the thief. So, he was found guilty and ended up behind bars.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever get my money back. The prosecutor assured me he would have the criminal pay me but told me it may take time for him to earn $350 behind bars.

Years later and long-forgotten, I surprisingly received a check in the mail for the $350. Apparently the criminal had finally earned enough to pay me back.

Our justice system does work!

Despite the fact that all ended well, I was left with a fear of buying and selling phones and portable electronics on local classifieds!

For years I’ve not known what to do with my old electronics. As a result, our family has a few old phones just lying around.
When I learned about I realized we could get money out of our old phones. is a legitimate site that will purchase used phones at competitive prices, make sure they are working/pre-certify them and resell them. is a wise way to both make money on and buy used phones and electronics. 

Check out their webpage: How Much Is My Phone Worth?

It’s a very simple process. When I went to the site I clicked on Sell My Phone. I checked the boxes for type of phone, carrier, etc. and then it told me what my phone is worth to them. 

I am thinking of upgrading my few-year-old iPhone. When I got a trade in price from a carrier I thought it was a decent deal. However, when I went to to see what they were offering I found out they would pay me about $150.00 more than my carrier! 

If you are thinking of upgrading your phone, most definitely check out before you trade your old phone(s) in.
Within minutes you can find out how much they will pay by answering a few questions. Then you can order a recovery kit for free. These kits are a pre-paid postage box with instructions that detail how to send them your phone.

When they receive your phone they will issue money via Paypal or a Pre-paid Mastercard. It’s super easy.

Don’t get scammed like I did, use a legitimate site to earn money by selling and/or save money by buying with
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How to Make Money from Your Old Phones, Tablets, & Smartwatches


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Sunday 18th of April 2021

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james heidebrecht

Thursday 30th of January 2020

This is a terrific idea - we have tons of old phones around the house after upgrades. I am going to look into this. Thanks for the awesome article!


Tuesday 4th of February 2020

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Maria lifestyle blogger

Tuesday 10th of December 2019

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