17 Fun, Creative, and Useful Teacher Gift Ideas

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When I taught English in Taiwan, I loved it when I was given a gift. It showed me that the parents appreciated my teaching and working with their children. It also reminded the children that their parents respected me and treated me well (and they realized they should too). I'm a big fan of giving teachers gifts.

Here are 17 useful, fun, and creative gift ideas for the teachers in your children's lives.


1. Back to School Apple Pops- Are these not just adorable? And they look like so much fun to make!

2. Book Bags – A perfect gift for the AMAZING teachers who taught our little kids to read!

book bags
pencil-storage-bucket-sharpie-markers-back-to-school-teacher-gifts (1)

3. Classroom Pencil Storage Buckets – Make a cute classroom pencil holder to help organize a classroom.

school supplies

4. School supplies Cake Tower - You could give all these wonderful school supplies to your child's teacher in a box or a bag and I'm quite sure she would love them.....but why do that when you could give it to her in an amazing presentation!

desk display

5. Desk Display - This set is absolutely fabulous!



6. School Tools - What teacher wouldn’t want this cute gift setting on her desk? With the bottles and baskets and then the paper clips/paper holders/push pins it’s still a relatively inexpensive gift idea.

Mason Jar

7. Mason Jar Craft with Free Chalkboard Tags – You’ll need a reusable mason jar cup (or any reusable cup with straw), individual drink packets, ribbon, and chalkboard tag. For sure the teachers will love it!


8. Let’s Start This Year Off “Write” – This is a great gift idea easy and inexpensive!


9. Back to School Teacher’s Mug - This Back To School Teacher’s Mug is fun, easy, and cute. The best part about this project is that is taken only about 15 minutes to make and it’s pretty inexpensive.


10. Ruler Wreath - Looking for a fun craft idea for back to school or a teacher appreciation gift? You may enjoy making this Back to School, Ruler Wreath.


11. Back to School Emergency Kit {Printable Tags} - A Pumpkin And A Princess - Create a kit that has everything a teacher could possibly need, both personal and school related.

survival kit

12. Teacher Survival Kit - This simple gift is full of goodies that any teacher would love to receive that first day or week of school!

chalkboard mug

13. DIY Chalkboard Mug - It's the perfect inexpensive back to school teacher gift treat, that's sure to show our sweet gratitude.


14. Date Stamp Teacher Gift- This is an inexpensive and useful gift for teachers that will last for years!

apple tote

15. Apple Gift Tote - Make an apple gift tote for teachers with paper plates! Free chalkboard printable reads: a teacher sharpies your mind and colors your world!

pencil vase

16. Pencil Vase - That is adorable gift. You could send along an easy-care plant or a simple bouquet of seasonal favorites—a pot or vase works fine, but if you're in a creative mood, you can glue pencils or pencils for a sweet homemade touch.


17. DIY Teacher Notes BoardThis is a personalized teacher notes board with a mini notepad attached on a clip and a pencil holder.


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17 Fun, Creative, and Useful Teacher Gift Ideas