27 Neighbor Gifts in 27 Minutes

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This Christmas I was able to assemble my neighbors' Christmas gifts in 27 minutes. (I did not include the shopping time). Not only was I able to completely assemble these gifts in under half an hour, they only cost an average of $1.47 cents each! That is 27 gifts for $39.42!!

* Note (esp to my neighbors if they see this)- I really wanted to get my neighbors something nice. So, when I was in a thrift store and I saw these really nice candy dishes that I would like so I figured my neighbors would as well.

The dishes were not all the same but each one was a dish I'd be happy to own. So I just gave the bigger dishes to the families with the most kids.

This gift was an efficient use of money and time. Especially for a nice (some genuine crystal) dish, candy, a Christmas card, and a family photo as well!

Here is what I bought and spent.

  • Winco bulk candy on sale with coupon. Average per dish cost about .40 cents in candy.
  • Thrift stores' candy dishes (some are genuine crystal) for .50 cents to $1.00 averaging .75 each. These candy dishes are also great and can be found here (they ship free with Amazon Prime as well)!
  • Dollar Tree cellophane for $1.00 a roll (which wrapped 8) equaling .15 cents each. You can also find the cellophane here.
  •  Christmas cards - they were brand name, All American cards on clearance after Christmas for .03 cents each (and they are cute too!).
  • Family photo printed at Costco for .13 cents each.
  • Family newsletter using home printer (practically free).
  • Ribbon from last Christmas (practically free).

How to assemble them quickly?

#1- Quickly wash and dry dishes (5 minutes).

#2- Line the dishes up and set out the candy (2 minutes).


#3- Take a handful of each kind of candy in each hand and dropped them in the bowls. This went really fast (3 minutes).


#3- Take Cellophane and scissors with ribbon and wrap the dishes (15 minutes).


#4- Use scissors to curl the ribbon (2 minutes).


And you are done!

If you want to add a card with a family photo and newsletter it will add some additional time. Once I printed off my newsletter I was able to put the newsletter and photo in the cards in under 10 minutes.


Below is a dish for my friend who does not eat sugar so I used sugar-free Werther's Original. I had a little of this nice ribbon left so I used it and I think it makes the gift look even better (I just didn't have any on hand or I would have used it on all the others).


I hope this helps you save a little time and money this season!


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