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Step 1 of The Financial Fitness Bootcamp Course

Step 1 of The Financial Fitness Bootcamp Course

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You will be presented with 31 Challenges throughout this course. Some will be simple, others difficult. Some will be quick, others are more time-intensive. I encourage you to complete each challenge. If you do complete them all, I can promise you that you will save money, reduce debt, and become more financially fit.

Let’s get started…

Challenge #1

Set a short-term financial goal (a goal to be completed in a month), a medium-term financial goal (one to be completed in about a year), and a long-term financial goal (one to be completed in 5+ years).

If you need help thinking of some ideas, I’ve included a few examples. But of course, the goals should be your own.

Some examples of short-term goals would be: create a budget and stick to it, track expenditures everyday for 21 days in a row, sit down with significant other and choose some financial tasks that will work better than what you have to go on now, save X amount this month, pay off the ______ credit card, don’t add any more debt this month to your debt total, etc.

Whatever it is, just make sure that it is reasonably attainable in about a month or less.

Some examples of a medium-term goals would be: pay off _______ credit card(s) this year, save X amount this year, get out of X amount of debt by a certain date, stick to budget X of the 12 months this year, start a business, pay off vehicle, etc.

Again, keep in mind that your goal should be reasonably attainable within a year or less.

Some examples of a long-term financial goal would be: Have X amount for retirement, Save X amount for a special vacation, Invest X amount by a certain date, pay off the mortgage by a certain date, pay off the vehicle by a certain date, etc.

This goal should take 5+ years to attain and the more specific the better.

Jim Rohn, a very successful entrepreneur said,

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals”


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

There are multiple studies that prove that goals are actually more likely to be attained if they are written out…

So take a few minutes right now and set these three goals. Type them out and email them to yourself, or save them on your computer, and/or write them down and put them somewhere where you won’t lose them.

Happy Goal Setting!


31 Step Financial Fitness Bootcamp Course

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Step 1 of the Financial Fitness Bootcamp Course.



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