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Unique Gender Reveal

Unique Gender Reveal

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Unique Gender Reveal

I love seeing how others reveal the gender of their soon-to-be son/daughter to their spouse, friends and families. Recently, I realized that I hadn’t shared our gender reveal. So here it is.

I went to FetalStudio at the South Towne Center Mall in Sandy, UT. The earliest they will try a pregnancy gender verification is at 14 weeks. So at 15 weeks I went in while my husband was out of town on business. He had literally just walked in the door when I made him sit down with a gumball machine in front of him. He was so surprised.

Here’s the video:

Afterwards we posted the video on Facebook. Friends and family all said they loved it. It was even more fun to share the reveal with friends and family this way as well. Even though we just uploaded the video to Facebook, you could easily do this at Gender Reveal party too.

This was a really easy, inexpensive, and fun way to reveal the gender of our child. It literally took me less than 3 minutes to set up.

How to create a gumball gender reveal?

  1. Get a gum ball machine (found here).
  2. Take out all the blue or pink gumballs (whichever gender you are having) out of the gumball bag (found here). To save money you can also buy the machine and gumballs together (found here).
  3. Put the color of your baby’s gender in the bottom of the gumball machine. Stack the gender-color gumballs as far up as you can without being able to see them holding the machine up at eye-level.
  4. Mix the rest of the gender-color gumballs in with the other gumballs (so one color isn’t missing) and then pour them into the gumball machine. Make sure they cover your gender-color gumballs completely.

Note- Because you fill gumball machines from the top it easy to arrange them in this manner.

Also, You may (like I did in the movie) want to have the person close their eyes because a gumball may go rolling off (like the first one did). Either way, it will be super fun!

And just to confirm…

Once again Fetal Studio was right!

Fun Gender Reveal

This daddy got his beautiful baby girl.

Meet Aurora.

Fun Gender Reveal

Do you have a unique and/or fun baby gender reveal idea? I’d love to hear it. Please comment below.


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Also, check out my friend Katie’s awesome post with awesome ideas for creative gender reveals here.

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