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The Best Mexican Meal—Your Family Is Sure to Love

I love Mexican food, the authentic stuff and the American-Mexican as well. Today we are having a little get together and since it is Cinco de Mayo, we will be having a Mexican meal. My daughter (5 months old) has an authentic dress that my mom just bought her on their recent cruise to Mexico. 

No Bake Homemade Banana Cream Pie

This banana cream pie is super easy, convenient, and delicious! I make it for family gatherings and special occasions (like my son’s birthday). Everyone loves it. First, make the crust (instructions below). Just a tip: if you don’t have a blender, or if you didn’t buy the crumbs pre-crushed at the store. break the graham

Delicious Homemade French Toast Recipe

This is an AMAZING french toast recipe that I’ve been making for years. Recently, I volunteered to make it for my entire extended family and they all loved it. There are three tricks to make this unique recipe the best french toast ever. The first is to use cinnamon swirl bread. I buy mine from

Simple Syrup Recipe

Simple Syrup is used mainly for beverages such as lemonade (recipe here), fruit tea, limeade, virgin Mojitos (recipe here), virgin margaritas (recipe coming soon), etc. Simple syrup is also used as a pre-frosting glaze on cakes (to seal in the moisture) before a cake is frosted. Just make sure to lightly glaze a fairly cool

Fail-Proof Homemade Carrot Cake Recipe

My mom has been making this delicious and amazing carrot cake for longer than I’ve been alive… That means it has been a family favorite for over 30 years. It comes out deliciously moist, very flavorful, and is easy to make. Thus, it is a fail-proof recipe. Further, it is topped with the smoothest and

Best Apple Crisp Recipe Ever!

I’m not over exaggerating when I say that every single time I take this apple crisp to a party or gathering I’m asked for the recipe. It is a total crowd-pleaser and well loved by all. The slightly-tart Granny Smith Apples + sugar + oats + butter + cinnamon = perfection. Follow the directions below and

The Best Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

This is an amazing easy recipe with common ingredients. It makes a very smooth delicious chocolate frosting that melts in the mouth. Ingredients: 1/4 C salted butter 1 8oz Cream cheese or Neufchatel cream cheese 1 tsp Vanilla extract (I use Mexican extract because it is better) 4  C confectioners/Powdered sugar 1/4-1/3 C coco baking

No-Bake Twix Cookie Recipe

This Twix no-bake cookie recipe is super simple, quick, requires only three ingredients, and is delicious! I’m so excited to make them with family and I want to thank Becky for sharing it here on the blog today. Welcome Becky! Hi Live Like You Are Rich readers!  Becky here, from Bite of Delight, the place

Cream Cheese Apple Puff Pastry Recipe

Hi Live Like You Are Rich readers!  This is Marie from We are so excited to be able to share one of our favorite recipes with you today! We are a lifestyle blog that is geared toward making the most of family life. We do lots of recipes, tips and tricks, reviews, DIY, and cover

Oreo Ice Cream Pie

  This Oreo Ice Cream Pie recipe is wonderful! It can be served very cold or frozen. I personally like it frozen because it is like an ice cream cake but instead it is an ice cream pie. It is very quick and easy to make as well! Makes 2 Pies Serves: 12-16 people Prep

Halloween Frog Eye Salad Recipe

A dish with the name ‘Frog Eye Salad’ immediately makes me think of Halloween. I think of a popular Halloween party game where you put your hands into a pot full of all sorts of food while blind folded. The foods have interesting and weird textures and you have to try to guess what you

Craisin White Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I’ve always struggled with making the perfect cookie! Either they were too cake-like, too gooey, or too salty. I’ve searched high and low for a reliable cookie and I finally found it!  I’m not alone in this opinion either! This recipe has over 6,000 reviews and 5 stars! If you are in the same boat, look

How to Make Boxed Blueberry Muffins Taste Gourmet

  Ever since I can remember my grandma has made awesome blueberry muffins. She’d make them when we were up at the cabins in huge batches for all of her children and grandchildren. They were amazing. When I turned 8 or so she started allowing me to help her make them. When I found out

Lemon Glazed Cupcakes

This is another one of our family favorites! It’s been around for as long as I can remember and is well loved by all. The recipe makes a very moist, delicious, and lightly sweet dessert. Prep: 10 minutes,  Bake Time: 20-40 minutes, Ready In: 35-55 Minutes Makes: 10 large cupcakes, 24 medium cupcakes, or 1 cake

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