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Valentine’s Door Decor

Valentine's Door Decor

You can make this Valentines door hanging by using any frame (no glass or back) and hanging an object in it. It takes 5-10 minutes to put together.

I found the frame and heart wreath at a thrift store for $1.50 each. I examined how the wreath was made and took photos of the back so if you don’t have one you could put it together relatively easily (photos and instructions below).

Here are the steps.

1- Hang the frame on a wreath door hanger.

Valentine's Door Decor

2- Tie the wreath with ribbon into a loose knot.

You will need to experiment with tying and hanging the wreath or object to get the the right length.

Valentine's Door Decor

Valentine's Door Decor

3- Hang the wreath by the ribbon and trim the edges of ribbon if desired.

Valentine's Door Decor

4- Hang it at an angle or straight. The ribbon will allow you to move it how you like.

Valentine's Door Decor

In case you do not have a heart wreath you can buy one here. You can make one by using a heart shaped wreath frame or paper-wrapped-wire (found at JoAnns here or other craft stores), twig filler, and cranberry garland.

Shape the paper-wrapped-wire into a heart. Next, lay the sticks onto the heart shape. Secure each layer every few inches with wire. Finally, insert the cranberries into the sticks. You can use a glue gun and secure them from the back (so glue is not seen in the front). Click this link to see how I inserted cranberries into another wreath I made here. 

Valentine's Door Decor

valentinesdoordecor7 Valentine's Door Decor


White distressed frame

wreath door hanger

red ribbon

Heart Wreath- find one here

Or make your own heart wreath…
heart shaped wreath frame or paper-wrapped-wire (found at JoAnns here or other craft stores)
twig fill
cranberry garland

Valentine's Door Decor

Here’s a fun matching addition would be this darling twig heart garland

If you look at my other D.I.Y. and craft projects you will see that I love to decorate with thrift finds and do projects that are fairly quick to make.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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14 Responses to Valentine’s Door Decor

  1. Jamie @ Anderson & Grant says:

    Love this idea….so simple, yet it looks fantastic! I’m not a fan of cutsey Valentine’s decorations, so this is a perfect idea for my style!

  2. Hi Anita….I’m featuring this project in a collection of my favorite Valentine’s Day decorating ideas today on my blog.

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  4. Carol says:

    It looks pretty and is simple to do which I love! #ThursdayFavoriteThings

  5. Sandra Garth says:

    So pretty and so simple. I love that this can be customized for any occasion.

  6. This is darling. Love it!

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