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21 Audiobooks I Listened to January 2024

21 Audiobooks I Listened to January 2024

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1- Dracula by Bram Stoker- This is such a great novel. I read it 20+ years ago and liked it. I wondered if I would like it now so I listened to it again. I loved it. It is an amazing book/novel and well-written. 

2- A Quiet Life in 7 Steps by Susan Cain- This is a great book for introverts and creative minds. I found many tips to be very helpful. I liked a lot of it, some I didn’t but overall I’d recommend this as a read for any artists and introverts. I am an extroverted creator at heart however, lately, have been more of an ambivert and my husband is about as introverted as people get so it was an interesting read full of good ideas.

3- The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee – I loved this book. It is about a half-Chinese girl and gives good insight into what it would be like living in the South during Jim Crow for those of Asian descent. The main character is very likable and the puns and witty remarks in this book made me laugh out loud multiple times. I’d recommend it.

4- Forget Me Twice by Carina Taylor- This was a cute fun romantic comedy that was clean and engaging. It is about an ex-husband who loses some of his memory in an airplane crash and his ex-wife takes care of him. It was endearing.

5- Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare- I haven’t listened to anything Shakespeare before—I have always read it. I will say that reading it is much easier to understand than listening. You can go slow and re-read passages and phrases that are confusing. Listening to it was difficult. I had to slow it down to about 1.25x speed when I normally listen to things at 2.9x speed. and I still had a difficult time understanding it. I will probably save Shakepeare’s other novels for reading only.

6- Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer- This was a great view of the story of Twilight from Edward’s perspective. It gave a lot of background and depth to Bella’s version. I liked it. 

Life and Death by Stephanie Meyer- This book can be summed up as redundant, unnecessary, and pointless. I didn’t finish it nor will I. I do not know why Stephanie Meyer thought it would be necessary to take the female lead in her books and make her a boy and change all names and gender roles from the original. Her original book had a great balance of female and male roles. Besides the names and genders of everything being swapped, it is a clone of Twilight which seems totally unnecessary and confusing. Even if you love Twilight, I’d highly recommend skipping this read.

7- Camino Island by John Grisham This was an interesting read and kept me entertained but I didn’t appreciate the immorality and how wrong became right in many more ways than one. I haven’t read a Grisham book for decades so maybe this is just his view on the world. I don’t know. I also don’t like how one of the characters’ crimes was never solved. I’ll be more careful with his books in the future.

8- The Dressmakers of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon- This was a fascinating read about women who were living a life somewhat independently (pursuing education, careers, etc.) when the Taliban took over and forced them into a very fascist way of life where they were not allowed to do most things they were used to doing. Many families began starving and a woman and her sisters started a dressmaking business that helped feed their family and many other families as well. It was fascinating and inspiring!

9- Ruth and Naomi by Toni Sorenson- This was an engaging story about the famous Ruth and Naomi from the Biblical account in the book of Ruth. I appreciated learning more about the Moabites and the history of Bethlehem. I had no idea that Boaz and Ruth came from such opposing backgrounds and cultures and yet love and humility overcame these incredible odds to create their love match. Their son, Obed was grandfather to King David through whose lineage the Savior of the World would be born.

10- Memory Man by David Baldacci- I should have read the reviews more carefully for this audiobook. While engaging the gore and descriptions of brutality and murder were a little too much for me. I liked the plot, I just wish it hadn’t been so graphic.

Below are more stories written by Agatha Christie who is a literary genius—I just love her writing style. These are stories (some long and some short) about a detective, Hercule Poirot; I enjoyed them all. 

11- The Plymouth Express by Agatha Christie

12- The Affair at the Victory Ball by Agatha Christie

13- The Market Basing Mystery by Agatha Christie

14- The Lemesurier Inheritance by Agatha Christie

15- The Cornish Mystery by Agatha Christie

16- The King of Clubs by Agatha Christie

17- The Adventure of the Clapham Cook by Agatha Christie

18- Double Sin by Agatha Christie

19- Wasps’ Nest by Agatha Christie

20- The Theft of the Royal Ruby by Agatha Christie

21- The Double Clue by Agatha Christie

Here is a link to My Favorite Audiobook Listens in 2023

In 2022, I listened to over 250 audiobooks. 

Happy Listening!!

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21 Audiobooks I Listened to January 2024


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