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21 Best Smoker Recipes

21 Best Smoker Recipes

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Whether you are searching for tender, juicy, and delicious smoker recipes to try this summer, we have got you covered. I have compiled these 21 best mouthwatering smoker recipes. Try these delightful smoker recipes this summer!

1. Papa Murphy’s Pizza – Try smoking a pizza, it’s so easy and delicious. 

Smoke a Papa Murphys Pizza

2. Brown Sugar Lemon Garlic Smoked Salmon – This recipe perfectly balances spices. The sweet, smoked, and tart flavors balance out beautifully while the salmon smokes.

Smoked Lemon Garlic Salmon

3. Smoked Tri TipTri-tip is a roast that cooks like a steak, doesn’t take too long to smoke, and just might become your favorite cut of beef!

Reserve Seared Tri Tip

4. Juicy Smoked BurgersThese tender burgers are so good. Serve with fries, potato salad, or a dill pickle chopped salad.

Smoked Burger

5. Smoked Tilapia with a Lemon Caper Butter Sauce – This is a mouthwatering and tender fish dish that is sure to please your seafood cravings.

Smoked Tilapia with a Lemon Caper Butter Sauce

6. Smoked Tomahawk Steak – Simple, easy and juicy.

Traeger Smoked Tomahawk Steak

7. Smoked Jalapeno Poppers Recipe – This recipe is a great appetizer for game day!

Jalapeno Popper

8. Smoked Spiced Shrimp with Homemade Saskatchewan Dry RubSimple to prepare and it taste amazing.

Smoked Spiced Shrimp with Homemade Saskatchewan Dry

9. Smoked Pork Belly – Luscious smoky flavor of slow barbecued pork.

Cubed Smoked Pork Belly

10. Smoked Turkey Recipe – A super easy to make and perfect for the Thanksgiving main course menu.

Smoked Turkey Final

11. Smoked Chicken Breasts – These chicken breasts are easy to make and healthy. 

Smoked Chicken Breasts

12. Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe – Delicious, crunchy, and juicy brisket bursting with smoky flavor.

Smoked Brisket Recipe

13. Smoked Baby Back Ribs – Tender and delicious. Perfect for barbecues and family get-togethers.

BBQ Smoked Ribs

14. Bacon-Wraooed Smoked Beef Tenderloin – This recipe is simple to make and delicious.

Smoked Beef Tenderlion

15. Leftover Smoked Brisket Sandwich – Turn your leftover brisket into a mouthwatering smoked brisket sandwich for a delicious and easy dinner recipe.

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

 16. Smoked Bologna – This easy smoker recipe creates the most flavorful BBQ glazed bologna for sandwiches.

Smoked Bologna

17. Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings – Crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

Smoked Chicken Wings

18. Smoked Pork Shoulder – This is a classic summertime BBQ recipe. 

Smoked Pork Shoulder

19. Smoked Pulled Beef Chuck Roast – Tender, melt in your mouth, full of beefy flavor.

Smoked Chuck Roast

20. Smoked Meatloaf – Juicy on the inside with a crispy exterior. Pair your favorite sides with this smoked meatloaf recipe for a complete meal!

Smoked Meatloaf

21. Smoked Armadillo Eggs – Fun, easy, and meaty appetizer.

Smoked Armadillo Eggs


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