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9 Ways to More Easily Afford NEW Baby and Toddler Clothes

9 Ways to More Easily Afford NEW Baby and Toddler Clothes

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9 Ways to More Easily Afford NEW Baby and Toddler Clothes

I have written about many different ways to save on used baby and toddler clothes. My detailed posts on how to snag used clothing items at thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales, hand-me-downs, purchasing ‘clothing lots’ on your local classifieds, etc. have been well read.

But what about ways to save on NEW toddler and baby clothes? I know it is always fun buying new. Yet, it is common knowledge that babies and toddlers usually grow out of clothing before it is worn out. The exception to that may be a slowly growing child or perhaps a rambunctious kid who tears up their clothes. Because my son is always running, jumping, falling, etc. he has holes in 3 of his 6 pairs of pants. It is hard to find used play pants without holes in the knees for him and it is not worth it to buy expensive ones either (he’ll just ruin them in a week). So I am often on the look out for inexpensive new clothing. Using these 9 tips will save you hundreds on new play clothes for your tot.

1- Check out the kids Granimals brand, they are not only great quality, last long, and are stylish, they are also very affordable. Other inexpensive but quality brands can help keep kids clothes lasting longer.

2-Use coupons. There are lots of coupons that you can find on new kids clothes. Subscribe to your favorite retailers -just use an email you check only for deals so you aren’t tempted to buy when you don’t need to.

3- Shop sales. During huge sales like Black Friday, Back to School, Easter clothing sales, end of season, etc. you can save considerably on new clothes.

4- Buy from deal sites. There are a lot of kid deal sites out there like ZuLily and others. I find that they have great prices.

5- Buy a year ahead. It saves money to buy summer clothes in your child’s next size in September. Likewise, spring is a great time to snag amazing deals on winter gear. Shopping a few seasons ahead will save you big time!

6- Don’t buy light colors—unless you are a pro at spot treating! My son’s clothes that last the longest are darker and easier to camouflage his spills.

7- Size up rather than down. If your child is in between sizes, go up instead of down. This way when you wash and dry the clothes if they shrink a little they still fit. There is also room for them to grow into the clothing which will save you money.

8- Buy items that mix and match well. This makes your child’s wardrobe stretch effortlessly—which saves you in the long run.

9- The final tip goes for both new and used clothing. Keep your child’s clothes organized. My son’s closet is very organized with all of his shirts on hangers and his shorts, pajamas, pants, and swimwear in totes. Because everything is so easy to find I always feel like we have enough clothes for him.

9 Ways to More Easily Afford NEW Baby and Toddler Clothes

I have now gotten a system down for my daughter’s closet as well. The totes are labeled, certain clothes are hung and I bought enough baby hangers so I can hang everything I like hung for easy access.

9 Ways to More Easily Afford NEW Baby and Toddler Clothes
By staying organized you will always know what you have and won’t make unnecessary purchases.

Using these nine tips will save you hundreds on new baby and toddler clothing.
9 Ways to More Easily Afford NEW Baby and Toddler Clothes

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Wednesday 8th of November 2017

This is a great post! I buy most of my daughter’s clothes at end of season sales up to a year in advance.

One big problem that parents have with buying clothing ahead of time is knowing what size to buy for each season. Living in New England, I had the same problem. I solved it by writing, a free website that lets parents predict their child’s future clothing size in over 80 brands!