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All Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Issues

All Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Issues

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I’ve made it no secret that I struggled to breastfeed both of my babies. I had difficulty because I experienced a variety of ailments and issues. Here are some common breastfeeding issues many women experience and the all-natural remedies I have found that help.

Cracked or blistered nipples.

Wearing nipple shields (so the nipple can air out and not press/rub against anything between nursing sessions) helped me a lot.

Using healing creams helps too. Some all natural ideas are: vitamin E oil, organic coconut oil, and shea butter. Try expressing a bit of breast milk onto the injured nipples before applying an ointment as it helps heal them faster.

Low production and/or trying to establish a good milk supply

Drinking lots of water and this herbal FluidiTea Flourish & Grow, helps immensely. Haylie Duff (new mom, actress, singer, songwriter, blogger) just wrote an awesome post about how FluidiTea has helped her have a great milk supply. (post found here.)

All Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Issues

FluidiTea Flourish & Grow is an ancient remedy plant-based herbal tea. The ingredients were given to the royal breastfeeding moms in the Qing Dynasty several hundred years ago in China. Further, it is 100% all natural and caffeine free.

Do not diet while trying to establish or up your milk supply. Your body needs calories to produce milk.

Avoid wearing anything that is too tight on the breasts.

Nurse your baby more often and/or pump more to signal your body to make more milk.

Rest as often as you can.

I’ve been told to try Fenugreek. When I took it I found out that was allergic to it (it caused a horrible rash). But many do experience good results.

Over production/engorgement

I found that cold cabbage leaves placed in a loose or good fitting bra (not a tight bra) helped. They get warm fast so switch them out often.

Using good quality breast pads can help with the leaking as well.

Do not face a hot shower while you are over producing as it will stimulate your breasts to produce more.

Cold packs can help too.

For engorgement and plugged ducts, drinking FluidiTea Clear & Flow will help. It is made of real and powerful medicinal herbs, and is clinically and thoroughly tested to be 99.8% effective (based on clinical data collected over the past 10 years). I’m so excited that they now have a proven herbal tea that helps clear out ducts and engorgement!

All Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Issues

Also, nursing less helped scale back my over production (for the short weeks I had this issue) just be sure not to scale back so much you get engorged.


If you’ve lived through mastitis, you know that it is beyond miserable! It is an infection of the breast that is usually the result of engorgement and clogged milk ducts. I had it twice this year and it was the worst! I ended up in the ER and paying quite a bit in medical bills. UGH.

If we have another baby that I nurse I will be drinking FluidiTea Clear & Flow consistently when I’m engorged to keep my breasts clear of clogged ducts and to try to avoid mastitis.

All Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Issues If you do get mastitis then please watch your temperature and heart rate closely. If they get too high go to a doctor. Mastitis can infect the blood (sepsis). It is best to get medical help as soon as your temperature or pulse become high.

If your pulse and temperature are under control, try rest, hot showers, sleep, and drinking FluidiTea Clear & Flow. Further, pumping and nursing on the infected breast to clear out the blockage will help. I have also been told by a friend who has had mastitis multiple times, that coconut oil and colloidal silver applied topically can help fight the infection as well.

Of course antibiotics are the general treatment. Consult your doctor on that. I’d recommend starting all natural remedies the second you think you may have mastitis to begin fighting it off and weakening the infection right away.


Plain no sugar added yogurt taken orally can help fight off the yeast that is causing thrush. Down that yogurt! I buy the Fage Greek Plain yogurt. Plug your nose if you have to but trust me, consuming a lot works! Take oral probiotics too. Yogurt has worked better than oral probiotics for me, but when I have an abundance of yeast I take both.

When my baby had a yeast infection and couldn’t eat yogurt yet, I got baby powdered probiotics from Whole Foods (in the refrigerator section) and using my finger would wet it, dip it in the probiotics and then let her eat them off of my finger. This allowed her to eat a small amount (the amount recommended) without having to use a bottle—which she refused to take.

Also, Grape Seed extract and Genetian Violet have been said to work too.

Raynaud’s Syndrome

Every 2 in 10 women have Raynaud’s (myself included) and most of us have no idea what it is, or even that we have it. It’s an extremely painful condition where the body doesn’t circulate blood to the nipples when a baby is latched on and feeding. The skin turns frost-bite-white. When the baby unlatches the blood goes rushing back into the nipple turning it red then deep red/purple. During the latch on and off an intense shooting pain pulses through the breast and chest. It even occurs at other times between nursing. This is very similar to blanching that many women experience as well.

I tried the medication for Raynauds and although it did help the pain quite a bit, the many side effects (migraines, hot flashes, red sensitive skin) forced me to quit. If you have it, I encourage you to see a dermatologist who is well educated on this syndrome. My dermatologist had it as well and was very empathetic.

The all natural remedy is heat. Hot packs or heating blankets. Get the hot pack warm and hold it to the breast before latching the baby on. While you are nursing one side have the hot pack on the other. Once the baby latches on to the other breast heat the one he/she just came off of.

Getting blood to the nipple before the latch on and then reheating the side the baby just came off has been proven to help. The other thing I can say is to just be patient and breath through the pain, and I’m sorry!

all natural remedies for breastfeeding issues

Because FluidiTea is designed with a nursing mother and her baby’s health in mind it helps with other breastfeeding issues as well. Despite it being tried and tested by ancient herbal geniuses for over 200 years—it has been clinically tested by modern standards as well. If you are nursing, I’d highly recommend having it on hand for when you experience some of the aforementioned breastfeeding issues.

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All Natural Remedies for Common Breastfeeding Issues


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Sarika @ MaternityPoint

Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Thanks Anita for sharing these wonderful tips. Fluidi tea seems to be Godsend for moms with low milk supply. In my pregnancy, I used to make fenugreek tea by boiling soaked fenugreek seeds and it also produces wonderful results in increasing milk output.

Anita Fowler

Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Thank Sarika! I appreciate your comment. I'm so glad that fenugreek worked for you!

Charlee @ Humble in a Heartbeat

Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

With my second, I had horrible cracks and couldn't stand the pain, so I actually used nipple shields for my baby to drink off me. I used them the entire year I breastfed her. I would recommend to try and wean your baby off of it, because it can become a huge nuisance, but at least it worked. Thanks for all the ideas in this post!

Anita Fowler

Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes I have heard about those nipple shields that you wear while nursing. I've heard the same-they help but try not to become dependent on them. I used the shields you use between feeds so the nipples can air out and not rub on anything. It is confusing that they are called the same thing but serve two different purposes. Thanks again for stopping by Charlee!

Chelsea @ Life With My Littles

Thursday 17th of December 2015

This is awesome! Those teas look amazing! I'll have to check them out when I have another baby!

Anita Fowler

Saturday 19th of December 2015

Yes Chelsea they are great. Thanks for stopping by!