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Best Free Job Sites—ZipRecruiter

Best Free Job Sites—ZipRecruiter

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Now more than ever, millions of Americans need help finding work. In 2020 and in many instances, so far in 2021 it has been tough for people to find reliable employment. There were many industries hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The economy was stifled and the job market was hit hard.

Millions of people were laid off, fired, or furloughed.  There were hiring freezes and bankruptcies that also affected those working and those looking to find a job. 

While the coronavirus pandemic caused hiring to fall by 30% between February and May, the number of people being hired each month has now returned to pre-pandemic levels. This is great news for those who are in need of work and income as well as for businesses that were closed during the pandemic. 

A vast majority of these businesses are now rehiring temporarily laid off workers and sourcing new talent so that they can recover, adapt, and grow again.

The industries that have thrived during the pandemic: e-commerce companies, super centers, building supply stores, warehousing services, and delivery services are currently hiring as well.

With more than 20 million Americans still unemployed or underemployed there is a need for a great system for people to fill job openings…and the great news is that one exists. It is an app and website called ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a leading online employment marketplace. Powered by AI-driven smart matching technology, the company actively connects millions of all-sized businesses and job seekers. This helps streamline the employment process. If you are wondering how to find a job or a better-suited-job, you need to check out ZipRecruiter.

I used to be a hiring manager and I had to sort through and read many resumes for each job opening I was seeking to fill. Some applicants were qualified and some were not.

 It took me hours to read through the resumes and I often wished for something that could streamline the process.

I really like ZipRecruiter which has a smart-matching technology that actively identifies qualified candidates and invites them to apply. It can also sort through those who have already applied and save hiring managers time and headache scanning resumes that may not be good matches.

If I were still a hiring manager, I’d be super excited about ZipRecruiter’s algorithms which have become very proficient at making meaningful matches. The data suggests that 80% of employers who post a job on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day!

The first day! It took me weeks to hire someone for each job when I held a hiring manager position. I cannot imagine having the ability to sort through many matches and find a quality candidate in one day!

This saves so much time and money for both the company hiring and those seeking to be hired. 

Hiring managers will become more efficient using this technology and those searching for a job would save time and resources as they are most likely to only be interviewed for jobs they are a good match for.

If you’ve ever wasted your time in an interview, you are not alone.

Years ago, when I had just graduated college, I applied for a marketing position. I thought I was qualified for it based on a vague list of requirements I found on a listing by the company. However, I was applying on my phone and I did not see a PDF attachment of very specific necessary qualifications that I was supposed to download and read through.

The hiring manager did not bother to vet the resumes and so I was called in for the interview (which was 45 minutes from my home).  I guess he just assumed anyone applying would be qualified.

When I arrived, it took about 20 minutes for us both to realize I didn’t have the very specific list of qualifications their company needed. Both myself and the hiring manager were confused as to why I was there. It was embarrassing to go interview for a position that I was clearly not qualified for.

Due to my mistake, I wasted their time and over 3 hours of my own time that day. This could have been avoided had we used ZipRecruiter’s platform which consists of a powerful algorithm that matches the job seeker to the job.

Employers may also use ZipRecruiter to reach out to the job seeker directly, inviting them to apply.

 Better matches mean more quality candidates, reduced time to hire and increased recruitment ROI for businesses— a simpler, better job search experience for millions of people.

ZipRecruiter can also give some suggestions to those seeking a job of where employers are with the most urgent need, as well as jobs that are the best matches for their skills and experience, and positions that can be performed remotely.

A few extra things that I find unique about the ZipRecruiter platform is that it may also suggest to a job seeker some online courses that can improve their eligibility for the jobs they want. In addition, a job seeker can see if their resume has been read and the employer can give job seekers they like a virtual thumbs up. 

Now, more than ever, millions of Americans need help finding work. I am very happy ZipRecruiter is around to help make the process as efficient, streamlined and pain-free as possible. 

Whether you or someone you know is looking for a job or you are a hiring manager or own your own business and need employees, ZipRecruiter can help streamline the employment process. 

Click here to get started using ZipRecruiter now.


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