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Christmas Nativity Mantel

Christmas Nativity Mantel

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This is my Christmas Nativity Mantel for 2021.

Every Christmas I like to move around my decorations and create new mantel themes.

This year, I placed most of my nativities on this Christmas Nativity Mantel. 

I enjoyed having the nativities front and center in our home this year. It helped remind us of the Reason for the Season.

I didn’t have room for all my nativities so I have those set up in some other areas.

Like this one with a Carl Bloch Nativity painting above it.


This is on our entry table and I want the painting hung there each Christmas. I have loved having it there. 

I just LOVE Carl Bloch’s paintings of Christ.

Anyway, I’ll get back to the Christmas Nativity Mantel…

I put glitter sisal trees on either side of the mantel.

Each tree is a different height to provide variety and interest.

I had a few of these already. I also bought some from World Market and the small white trees came from Dollar Tree in packs of two.

I used a faux snow glitter blanket underneath the nativities. 

Then my daughter and I set them up in an order we liked.

I got this Precious Moments nativity from my grandma.

I purchased this one from Sams Club.

It was on sale for about $20.00 which I think was a great deal!

I got this nativity at a thrift store for $1.00.

My grandma gave me this Noel nativity that I just adore. The star lights up and it shines down on Baby Jesus.

I also purchased this nativity from Sams Club. I got it for about $45.00.

Although it is small, I love the lines, wood, and coloring.

I bought this Nativity from the after Christmas sale last year. I got it over 50% off. I think it was about $15.00

I have had this nativity for about 10 years and have loved it. I bought it from the Festival of Trees which is a donation event for Primary Children’s Hospital.

I purchased this nativity for over 50% off at the after Christmas sale as well. I believe it was about $35.00.

Finally, I have had this nativity for a very long time. My grandma gave it to me many years ago.

I put 2 lines of fairy lights throughout the nativities. 

I hung 4 stockings using packaging tape.

Supply List for this Christmas Nativity Mantel

Christmas stockings I bought them in September on sale $25 for 6. I love the quality of these stockings.

glitter sisal trees variety of sizes

multiple nativity sets

fake snow blanket

packaging tape or stocking holders

fairy lights

How to set up this Christmas Nativity Mantel

1- Tape the stockings on to the mantel, or place stocking holders with the stockings on them onto the mantel.

2- Lay down a fake snow blanket. While I think the faux snow blanket was pretty, it did make it so that some of the nativity pieces were hard to balance. 

If I set this nativity mantel up again I would probably place the nativities down on the mantel which is a flat surface and then put the fake snow blanket in pieces around the nativities so that they weren’t wobbly. Or I would place the fake snow blanket down and then use white or light colored books to put on top of the fake snow blanket and place the nativities on them.

3- Place a variety of glitter sisal trees on both sides of the mantel.

4- Place the nativities on top of books or cardboard if they don’t have a sturdy base to rest on.

5- Run fairy lights all around the nativities and turn them on.

That’s it. It was pretty easy to set up and I loved it all December long. We are taking it down soon since we are nearing January and I wanted to post photos here to remember how much I loved my Christmas Nativity Mantel this year.


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This is my Christmas Nativity Mantel for 2021. Every Christmas I like to move around my decorations and create new mantel themes.


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