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Christmas Tree Ornament Guide

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Ornament Guide:

For the first 8 feet of a Christmas tree, each foot needs at least 12 medium/standard sized ornaments per foot totaling:

2 foot= 24 ornaments

3 foot= 36 ornaments.

4 foot= 48 ornaments.

5 foot= 60 ornaments.

6 foot= 72 ornaments.

7 foot= 84 ornaments.

8 foot= 96 ornaments.

As the tree grows in height the base grows in width so…

christmas tree2

For 9 and 10 ft. trees you need to add 18 ornaments for each of the bottom feet

9 foot=18+96=114 ornaments.

10 foot= 18+ 114=132 ornaments.

For 11 and 12’ trees add 24 ornaments for each of the bottom feet

11 foot=24+132=156 ornaments.

12 foot= 24+156=180 ornaments.

…and for each additional foot after 12’ add 30 ornaments each.

Important note- If you are mixing sizes of ornaments and using a lot of tiny, small, medium, large, and huge ornaments, these numbers will go up or down based on the sizes of ornament.

You should only use 1 huge ornament per foot or per 2 feet of tree.

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How to Decorate your Christmas Tree like a Pro

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This guide tells you based on the height of your tree how many ornaments you will need.



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Monday 13th of December 2021

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Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Wow is all I can say about the first tree….it is stunning! Thank you for deconstructing it with the widgets,,,,,you are the best!

I am one of those who has tried to downsize and have partially succeeded to the stage where the real tree is in a French zinc basket on a round table. I will keep the downsized version and go for the green tree look….so much for downsizing, huh?


Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Christmas tree ornaments are great to work on. These are unique ideas to make the tree. I love the ornaments…so pretty! I should make my own more often. But that cake is absolutely calling to me! How beautiful! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.